Alumni Quotes

quotation-marksWhat former students in Central Communication Agency are saying about their experience.


“Agency has done a great job of organizing and running the class to prepare us students for the next step after college. The management that runs this class help put on workshops to boost skills and qualities that are valued by employers.” Garrett Smith, Graduates Spring 2017

“Just going through the motions as a PR student is not good enough. You can take all the core classes and do well, but that’s not a challenge. Central Communication Agency (CCA) is not only an imperative course, it is an intensive team-building resource that prepares you for future hurdles in life. By stretching your mind and opening up to the ideas of others, you can establish a greater sense of creativity. There couldn’t be a more appropriate course to take than agency.” -Tyler Belan, Graduated 2014

“Agency gives you an idea of what it’s like to not only work for a client, but also work your way up the ladder. I started as a junior account executive my junior year and by senior year I had earned the position of Agency Director. I fell in love with the job, even through the stress, frustration and time consumption that it brought. Being the director of a working agency brought me so many skills and showed me what I was capable of. I was also lucky enough to help the agency grow while I was director. Classes teach you theory, while agency teaches you application of those theories. My only regret was not knowing to join agency sooner. I feel like I would have done so much more if I had more time.” -Sara Melton, Graduated 2013 (former Agency Director)

“Agency was one of the most valuable experiences of my college career. Not only did I get to interact with real-life clients and explore a wide range of PR skills and figure out where my strengths were, but I learned how to manage a team. All of those are talents that are beyond valuable in my career and I wouldn’t have them without Agency.”  -Makaiya Simmons, Graduated 2013

“I never truly understood my infatuation with PR until I became deeply rooted within the Central Communications Agency. The opportunity to apply the knowledge I have gained over the years of college to something that matters within the community. Being an Account Executive for the EDA is something that I am always excited to talk about in my post graduation job interviews because of the abundance of skills that it gave me. The values that were instilled in me while working for the CCA will carry over to what ever career pathway that I may find myself traveling down. Working for the CCA has presented me with wonderful opportunities after graduation which makes all the hard work worth it in the end.” -Jordan Cox-Smith, Graduated 2013

“I am proud to be able to add my time in a student-run agency on my resumé. The fact that I was able to not only be a part of a team, but also lead one, gave me real world hands-on experience to take with me when I graduated. It also helped me to discover a lot about myself as a leader and a team member. It’s not just worth the time- it should be a requirement for every PR major coming through a program.”  -Kayla Tippie, Graduated 2013

“Being an Account Executive at Central Communication Agency has provided me with not only the tools and leadership skills needed to enter the professional sector; It has allowed me to work with clients and challenged me to expand my public relations skill set for my future.” -Aubrey Abbott, Graduated 2013

“I think the most significant thing I took away from Agency was the fact that clients will test what you learn in the classroom. Your knowledge is the foundation of what you can contribute to your client as well as your team. Out of the box ideas are useful when they are well executed. Overall, being in a student run firm taught me time management, multitasking, and gave me a glimpse of real world results.”  -Adriana Zazula, Graduated 2013

“CCA gave me substantial first-hand experience in client relations as well as account and project management. Not only did I learn how to run an account, I learned how to manage client expectations and deliver high-quality projects within a set deadline. CCA is not a class for those looking for an easy A, students are working with real clients to become a trusted advisor, manage an account and deliver quality work.”  -Heidi Merz, Graduated 2012 (Agency Co-Founder)

“Working with real world clients give you so much more experience than textbooks and case studies. You can study the basics and the idea of how to do something or how other people have executed them, but there is nothing comparable to actually getting to work with companies and clients. It’s invaluable experience to have on your resume before you even graduate.”  -Kayti Castellano, Graduated 2012 (Agency Co-Founder)

“Students that are interested in PR need to experience agency. Working with real clients and putting all your textbook knowledge to the test gives you an undeniable advantage when you start your career and teaches you to not only learn how to deliver rockstar campaigns, but how to work with others to achieve client satisfaction.” -Jessica (Korne) Blauert, Graduated 2012