Client Quotes

The Ellensburg Downtown Association was seeking ideas and solutions for strengthening the relationship between downtown and the University. Being able to work with The Agency on this project has given our non-profit greater clarity on the situation, and the results of working directly with the students has benefited both the EDA and students. These young adults know that  it’s a learning environment, but treat it as a real business with professionalism, commitment and results. We have enjoyed being part of the experience and project development and are eager to see the results.  -Carolyn Honeycut, Director, Ellensburg Downtown Association (2013)

Working with CWU Agency students on a community fundraising opportunity was a wonderful way for them to showcase their talents in a real world way. Every student crossed boarders of the University to work with businesses, students from a local elementary school and the community. They created everything from flyers and web pages to banners.  The organizational skills they showed for the event were quite remarkable. Their reach for this event went way beyond Ellensburg to include neighboring communities and folks from the greater Seattle area. This was a great experience for all involved.  The end result enough money raised for a single mom to obtain a wheelchair lift van for her daughter in a wheelchair.”  -Beth Finger, Owner of Utopia Frozen Yogurt and Coffee House and volunteer leader for the Sparrow Clubs USA (2013)

The chance work with CWU Central Communication Agency is an unique opportunity to both teach and learn from some cutting edge thinkers who are energetic and highly motivated. I am excited to see what ideas they come up with to promote my book.”  -Brian Basilico, Author, It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon: Relationship Marketing in a Social Media World (2013)