The Process

How We Pick Our Clients.
Before the beginning of each quarter the president of agency gathers all returning clients and new client account information. The president figures out which new client accounts need the most work and how soon they need it. This helps cut down if we have too many clients for the amount of Senior Account Supervisors (SAS) that we have. After creating a spread sheet the veteran SASs get first pick on clients. Typically the returning clients are the first look over since they have worked with us before. Once the veteran SASs have made their choices, the new SASs can then choose which accounts they want to work for during the next quarter. The clients that are chosen are then notified by their SASs and a meeting is then set up before the quarter starts.

How We Pick Our Teams.
The first Monday of each quarter marks when teams will be picked. The SASs choose from a class of around 45 students of all different specialties. The agency members fill out an application for that alerts the SASs of their skills, availability, contact information and a ranking of which clients they would prefer to work with. The SASs then are given the members that choose their client for their first pick. If an SAS feels like a person won’t fit on their team, that member is passed to their second choice client.

Each client needs different specialties working on their outcomes. So some students might be chosen for a group that isn’t their top choice but the SAS feels they will do good work for the client.

Throughout the Quarter.
The SASs will have weekly meetings with their client in able to updated them on the process that the team is making. Not every client will meet the entire team since it is hard to find one time that works for everyone and some of our teams are as large as six people. The team members will complete work and turn it in to their SASs to be looked over. Weekly time sheets are filled out and given to the president to ensure that people are doing work every week and that some members aren’t doing more work than others. The SASs will also fill out a time sheet and complete a memo to the president, alerting them to any updates. There is also a weekly meeting of the SAS team where everyone gives updates and creates ideas or offers help when needed.

The End of the Quarter
The SASs start wrapping up the quarter by ensuring that the goals they agreed to in the beginning of quarter were met or exceeded. The client may request to stay on during the following quarter as long as there is plenty of work to be done during the next quarter and the SAS sees it fit that the client stays active.