Luke Kreiger



Public Relations.

Graduation Date:

December 2017

What quarter did you start working for CCA?

Fall 2016

What clients have you worked with since you joined the agency?

Winegars and Ellensburg Community Radio.

Why do you love working for CCA?

CCA gives me great practical experience working with real world clients in a professional setting.

What was your greatest accomplishment within CCA?

My greatest accomplishment within CCA has been rising to a Senior Account Supervisor so that I can gain experience as both a leader of a team, and as a part of leadership.

Career Goals:

I hope to work for a company that works closely with technology as that is a passion of mine, and help them bring in new eras of technology.

What company’s PR/Marketing do you admire? Why?

I admire Budweiser for their marketing, they have the Clydesdales, and a commercial in the super bowl every year, and people connect the happy feeling of seeing the Clydesdales with the beer. There is a demographic that only knows Budweiser because of their commercials.

Other accomplishments or leadership:

I was JV captain of my high school swim team, and  the leader in many classes throughout my education.