Lexi Popich



Senior Account Supervisor


  Public Relations

 Graduation Date:

  Fall 2016

 What quarter did you start working for CCA?

Winter 2015

What clients have you worked with since you joined the agency?


Thorpe School District

Lunchbox Café

 Why do you love working for CCA?

I love working for CCA because I am able to work in a professional setting with my peers and also gain experience and knowledge about a career in Public Relations.

 What was your greatest accomplishment within CCA?

 Achieving the SAS position and finishing a large photo blog for the Thorpe School district

 Career Goals:

 I want to practice Public Relations for a non-profit, and use my communication skills and Spanish language skills to give back to the community either in the US or in a Spanish-speaking country.

 What company’s PR/Marketing do you admire? Why? 

 I admire Starbuck’s PR strategies because they use sustainable and effective communication skills and they put a strong importance on their value of community. I admire how they market themselves to be a large corporation with a non-profit feel.

 Other accomplishments or leadership:

 PR/Social Media Manager for the 1891 Bistro on CWU’s Campus

Intern with Jostens

Student Media advisor for Ellensburg High school

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexis-popich-7166aa117?trk=hp-identity-name

Twitter: @popichl