Hunter Bleha


Senior Account Supervisor

Major: Public Relations

What quarter did you start working for CCA?

I started working for CCA my fall quarter 2016.

What Clients have you worked with since you joined the agency?

For all three quarters I have been working with FISH Community Food Bank. I did my first two quarters as an AAE for them. This quarter is the first quarter I have been an SAS and I’ve been excited to be in a leadership position and see what exactly our team can do for FISH.

Why do you love working for CCA?

My favorite part about working for CCA is meeting new people. Not only having great people in my groups and in our leadership team, but also working with some amazing clients. The best part about working with new people and with CCA is the experience. Central Washington University alone is an experience, but Centrals Communications Agency is another experience. The communication department is professional and fantastic.

What was your greatest accomplishment within CCA?

I would say learning how to make and create a website for a client completely from scratch. I have been personally working on it along with other people on finishing and perfecting the website. It will hopefully be done by the end of this quarter and I will have the full experience of completing a website.

Career Goals: I am a huge sports fan; I am currently working for a professional Ultimate Frisbee team as an operations expert. I hope to extend this experience and work for either an NFL team or advertising for another team or company.

What PR/Marketing company do you admire? Why?

I would have to say the Seattle Cascades Professional Ultimate team. I have worked with them and you wouldn’t believe how hard they work to get the word out about a new pro team in Seattle. They spend hours and hours working as a group to find ways to promote and market the Cascades in order to get more and more people involved. I admire the hard work a smaller company puts in for marketing and PR because it shows how much they want their company to succeed.