Krystal Dudek

DSC_0690Major: Public Relations

Graduation Date: Summer 2017

What quarter did you start working for CCA?

I started working for CCA Fall 2016.

What clients have you worked with since you joined the agency?

Fall 2016 I worked with the Lunchbox Café and winter 2017 I worked with the Ellensburg Downtown Association as an AAE. Now I am the SAS of the Ellensburg Golf Club.

Why do you love working for CCA?

When I started working with CCA, I had no portfolio. I had no work to show future employers and I had no work to be really proud of, just basic assignments that professors handed out.

I was really interested to learn more about the professional setting that is an agency. When I walked into CCA, I had no idea that level of professionalism would be so high and that we would have to meet with actual clients; I thought it was just going to be desk work and that was it.

Joining CCA has taught me to think outside the box and be as creatively open as possible when it comes to new ideas.

What was your greatest accomplishment within CCA?

January 2017 while working with the Ellensburg Downtown Association team, we submitted a session proposal for RevitalizeWA to talk about the usage of social media and websites to reach millennials. We learned in late February that our session had been approved and we had an hour-long time slot at the statewide conference to talk to small business owners about the different ways to reach larger audiences within their business.

Career Goals:

I hope to work for a large technology corporation like Microsoft or Apple.

What company’s PR/Marketing do you admire? Why?

Google – I feel that their ads are very underrated when it comes to appeal. Google has simplistic yet informational advertisements. Because of this I think this makes them more

relatable, rather than giving their audience statistics, they appeal to their customers with simple advertisements and understandable information.