Jonelle Lauer

DSC_0664.jpgSenior Account Supervisor

Major: Public Relations
Graduation Date: Spring 2017

What quarter did you start working for CCA?
I started working for CCA winter 2016.

What clients have you worked with since you joined the agency?
For my first three quarters working for CCA I worked as an Assistant Account Executive for the College of Arts and Humanities at CWU, the Ellensburg Downtown Association, and the Ellensburg School District.
My fourth and final quarter I am working as a Senior Account Supervisor for the Ellensburg School District.

Why do you love working for CCA?
One of the things I love best about working for CCA is the experience dealing with real clients. It’s such an eye-opening experience because you discover that sometimes clients are incredibly helpful and tell you exactly what they want while other times clients are hard to get a hold of or are vague in explanations.
When I started working for CCA I was a junior in college and was just getting started with my major and minor classes. I was just starting to learn what PR really is and how it works. By working for CCA I was able to see how it works in the real world and how even as just a student you can help make an impact for a real business.

What was your greatest accomplishment within CCA?
My greatest accomplishment was becoming an SAS. When I was working as an AAE I never thought I would have the experience or confidence to lead a team and be in charge of a client. During my time as an AAE I was able to build my skills and confidence in my work and felt I was ready to take on the role of a SAS.

Career Goals:
It is my goal to work for Live Nation or a similar entertainment company.

What company’s PR/Marketing do you admire? Why?
One company I really admire is Amazon. They are slowly taking over the world and has become the largest online shopping destination. Amazon offers a variety of services and are constantly finding new and innovative ways to get products to customer.