Erin Babcock

12539936_1034630823249523_1821714112_nClient: College of Arts and Humanities
Major: Public Relations
Minor: Event Planning
Graduation Date: June 2015
Quarter begun Agency: Fall 2015
What clients have you worked with: Pacific Coast Sports Foundation
Why do you love working for CCA?: I love working for the CCA because of the creative and real world aspect it brings to help guide my learning experience at CWU.
What was your greatest accomplishment within CCA?: Last quarter I helped to create the social media guide for our Client Pacific Coast Sports, and I was very impressed by the final project.
Career Goals: I would love to be an in-house social media strategist for a company.
What company’s PR/Marketing do you admire? Why?: Lulu Lemon, NIKE, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (Christmas Tree Crisis), Gluten Free Studios

Each of these companies have different strategical tactics when it comes to Public Relations, some could be the Reese’s cup trees creative thinking that “trees come in all shapes and sizes” and the corporate transparency that comes through companies like Lulu Lemon, Nike, and Gluten Free studios.
Other accomplishments or leadership: 2014-2015 board member for Meeting Professionals International (MPI)
Twitter: @erionnarose