A Degree Doesn’t Dictate Your Career, But It Will Help You Along The Way.


Author: Jared Snell, Operations Manager

We are told growing up it is always important to get a college degree. Whether you are interested in the complexities of microbiology or the foundation of law and the constitution., it is important to find something you love.


However, what happens when the thing you love doesn’t end up being your career? It seems often that people are graduating with degrees and then finding lifelong, fulfilling careers in something other than what they studied in college. Is it because the job market is so competitive that we need to cling on to the first opportunity we get? Or do we simply end up in career where we ultimately belong despite what major we choose? I have been thinking about this a lot since I am approaching graduation in June with a degree in public relations.


I LOVE my major, it is filled with creative and formal writing, ability to unleash innovative thinking, and is an essential component to any business.


It has been an amazing past few years, but as I am looking for internships and perusing the job market, I keep seeing jobs that I could be prosperous in. Here are some of the potential job markets.


·       Public Relations (that’s a gimmie)


·       Marketing


·       Sales


·       Advertising


·       Communications Specialist


·       Business Management


These are just a few careers that I have come across while submitting applications and have thought, “I could see myself doing that.”


Regardless of where I end up in life, I am fortunate for the skill set that my public relations major has prepared me with. Learning how to set up a strategic campaign aimed at a target market, creating press releases, social media tactics, and learning the importance of meeting deadlines for a client and creating A+ work.


What I am trying to get at is that you should not set parameters on the opportunities that are available to you in life. Just because you have chosen a particular major doesn’t mean that you are confined to that field of study.


Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, what do you want to do in life? You could think of your major, or maybe something entirely different!


I may not know exactly where I am headed or what I will be doing, but I do know that with my degree in public relations I am equipped with the skill set to become, or achieve anything I set my mind to.







A is for Agency!


Brooklyn Hargraves

Agency 481

brook 2.jpg

“Hey, what classes are you taking Winter Quarter?!” I shoot a text to my fellow public relations friend.

“Oh I was thinking of taking Agency!” she responds.

“What the heck is Agency?” I ask.

“It’s this class where you’re put on a team with other students and work for a business in Ellensburg…I think,” she answers.

Alright, let’s give it a shot.

I’ll be honest, when first registering for Agency, I was nervous and hesitant about what the class entailed and what I would be doing with these so called “teams” I was told about.

I mean, its two credits so how hard could it be right?

Being part of the Central Communication Agency, we’re all put to the test because of how hands-on it is. We’re all working with an actual client instead of working for some hypothetical company in other classes.

Like, these clients could actually fire us, in real life.

If that’s not intimidating then I don’t know what is.

I think with every PR student there’s that first initial thought of, ‘Will I even be good at PR? Do I actually know what I’m doing?’ I’ll be the first one to admit that these thoughts have ran across my mind more than once.

In PR core classes we’re all taught crucial and essential skills that are needed to be successful in the workplace, however, there’s a big difference between doing book work and doing actual work for businesses around the community.

It’s easy to bust out a press release and write a quick essay, but it’s 20x more challenging when you’re writing a press release or drafting up a plan for an actual real life company.

Because Agency is so hands-on, you’re given a small taste of what it’s like to work for a real PR agency. We’re interacting and communicating with actual clients while setting up and drafting things that they could potentially use to help promote their business.

Joining Agency has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve made while being a PR major, hands down.

Since joining, I have learned more about myself and what I’m capable of doing as an aspiring PR professional. I’ve learned the importance of teamwork, time management and how to multitask a billion things at once, while making the client happy of course.  

Would I recommend this class to anyone wanting an easy A? Absolutely not.

Would I recommend this class to anyone wanting to gain beneficial hands-on PR experience? Absolutely.

Agency is more than just a class, it’s interacting with other PR professionals and coming together as a team to help benefit and enhance the success of other businesses in Ellensburg. It’s about putting your skills that you’ve learned from previous classes to the test.

I’m now excited for Tuesday afternoons to work with my team and obtain new experiences and skills that I can later bring with me to the professional sector.


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2017 Clients

2017 Clients!

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Highlighting our clients and describing work we are producing for them!


We are super excited for Winegars in the next few weeks. Garrett Smith (SAS) and his team are working hard promoting for the ice cream “Flavor of The Week”. Flavors with be changed every week, which will allow for continual advertising and brand awareness for Winegars.

They also have been working hard by raising awareness of their loyalty program, targeting younger demographics via social media platforms.

Ellensburg School District-

We are very enthusiastic about this client because it really is endless! With a multitude of  schools making up the school district,  we can gather material from many different schools.

The main goal for this client is to raise awareness about the Chromebook 1-to-1 student ratio. Which is giving each student in the ESD a Chromebook Laptop to own personally. Brian Cook (SAS) and his team are gathering photos, content, and information for parents.

Their team is also planning on coordinating focus groups with students to find out their impressions of the Chromebook. The qualitative information obtained will help better understand how the Chromebook 1-to-1 campaign is progressing.

Ellensburg Downtown Association-

We are so fortunate to work with this client because they are connected to over 240 different local Businesses in the Ellensburg community.

This quarter Jonnie Crossland (SAS) has her team working on small business research in order to see which Ellensburg downtown business needs the most social media revamping.

After they narrow down their perspective business, account executives will focus their efforts into creating and perfecting a professional website for the business.

Ellensburg Community Radio-

This client is new to our agency and we are thrilled to work with them. The group of women we get to work with are upbeat and ready to give us work. They are always searching for something new to do, we respect it tremendously.

Currently, Luke Kreiger (SAS) and his team are focusing on analytics and researching when viewers listen the most and what they listen to. This will help Ellensburg Community Radio understand what their viewers enjoy and when the optimal time for advertisements are.

Analytics is an essential component in any public relations campaign, it is good seeing the team make the most of this skill set!

Fish Community Food Bank-

This client is a non-profit foundation that is well known in the Kittitas County. They are in charge of food drives and multiple community events. We are very excited to work with them moving forward.

Right now, Brian Boyse (SAS) is working with his team to promote “Heart for Hunger”, which is an event targeted for the month of February. They have been promoting this food drive via social media platforms, flyers, website content and a newsletter sent via Email.

Brian’s team is also working on connecting FISH community food bank with the Spanish demographic and enhancing communication.

Check out our team photo!

(Includes Executive Leadership & Senior Account Supervisors)


From Back Left to Right

Luke Kreiger- Senior Account Executive

Derek Forsell -Vice President

Brian Cook- Senior Account Executive

Brian Boyse- Senior Account Executive

Garrett Smith- Senior Account Executive

Luke Swartout- President

Jonnie Crossland – Senior Account Executive

Jared Snell- Operations Manager

What is PR, anyway?

Robin Blog photo.jpg

Public relations is a vital part to a company running smoothly but it is often times overlooked. It can be the backbone to keeping a company’s name from getting drug through the mud in crisis situations as well as the reason that positive aspects of the company gets publicized.

Inside Public Relations

Public relations teams aim to enhance their company’s tactics, objectives, and reputation. They help get the company media coverage and build a positive public image which all boils down to having effective communication skills. Public relations professionals are the voice of the company that is going out to the public. They understand how to make messages clear, concise, and honest to better connect with their audience and make sure that their messages are received the way they were intended to be.

Why I enjoy PR

I have always loved meeting new people and striking up conversations with strangers. I began working at coffee shops when I was in high school and loved the face-to-face interaction and conversations that I got to have with people on a daily basis. And when I wasn’t talking, I was writing. English was always my favorite subject in school and I loved to let my thoughts, ideas, and research pour onto a piece of paper. I have been practicing my communication skills for as long as I can remember which is why when I found out this was a path I could take my professional life, I jumped all over it. I began taking communications classes at Central Washington University and immediately loved everything that I was learning. Learning how to write press releases, manage convergent media, interview and write features, and many other things were drawing me towards public relations rather than only communications.

After being the PR intern for Central’s University Advancement and Alumni Association communications team I realized that I am definitely chasing after the right career in my life. I cannot see myself working in a different field because I love all that being a PR specialist entails and am constantly eager to see what my future holds.

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“Never say, ‘I can’t.’ Instead, say, “I’ll find a way.’”

Written by: Joey Castonguay, AAE for

In Erik Hanson’s 12 pieces of advice for your PR team, he gives tips on how to create a more productive dynamic within a group setting.

Knowing how to work within in a team is a skill that is very underappreciated, yet everyone notices if someone isn’t a good team player.

From the dominator to the non-contributor, both are toxic to the sanctity of the team.

PR is still a bit of an unknown entity to me, because I have never been in the PR world outside of school functions. However, working as a team is a concept I am much more familiar with.

Playing youth soccer at a high level taught me how to work toward something greater than myself. Through sacrifice and sheer determination, I was able to be a contributing member of my team without standing out as one of our best players.

Rather than discussing every one of his points, I’ve picked the ones that resonate with me the most.

  1. Listen before you talk.

“The best consultants I know are the ones who are adept listeners. Better yet, they’re fantastic at listening for insights and transforming those insights into actions and ideas,” Hanson writes.

Forget working in a team, this is great life advice. So much can be learned by simply sitting back and listening.

People are too concerned with coming across as intellectual and educated. Smart if you will.

God forbid the person you’re talking to doesn’t know anything about the subject you’re talking about. Or even worse, they ask what it is.

Listening provides context, and context provides ideas that then turn into actions. Be the listener, and then spearhead the ideas.

  1. You are replaceable

The truth hurts, and the reality is there are thousands of hungry professionals wanting to be just as big as you. Just as successful as you. They want their dreams to come true as well.

People who become complacent in life often slip up. Their level of productivity falls and they are, unsurprisingly, replaced. Who wants deadweight? Who needs deadweight?

Jobs are becoming increasingly harder to come by. The market is saturated with recent graduates, as well as laid off workers, looking to find their foothold in the professional sector. And no one has more to prove.

The honest fact is no one in the world owes you anything. Actually, you are the one who owes everything.

You owe it to yourself to work hard. You owe your family the peace of mind that their lifelong investments are going to pay off. And you owe your employer the satisfaction of knowing they hired an outstanding employee by going above and beyond anything they ask of you.

Anything short of your best wont cut it. Plus, why would you want to go through life not giving it your all?


  1. Don’t listen to me

“I do want you to listen to me, but not always. I’m not always right, and both you and I know that. I want you to think for yourself, push me and think creatively,” Hanson writes.

There is something to be said for someone who has the courage to stand up and say what is on his or her mind.

People are too caught up with thinking they have to stroke the ego of their superior that they lose their identity. Essentially they lose what makes them, them.

Think for yourselves, people!

Who knows, you could be the next great something. Whatever it is that you want to be special in.

Ill leave you all with a quote that I see on a lot of peoples’ Instagram bios, but I really like it.

“What ever you are, be a good one.”-Abraham Lincoln

Cosby PR Trainwreck

Written by: Cassie Ash, AAE for Thorp School District 


Let me start by saying Bill Cosby’s PR team was a complete and utter train wreck. I know most of us have heard all of the facts about his scandal. For those of you that haven’t heard of it or don’t know who Bill Cosby is, I’m here to tell you. Cosby is an American comedian, actor, and author who has recently undergone scrutiny of alleged rape, sexual battery, drug facilitated sexual assault, and child sexual abuse. The first accusation took place in the 1960’s and since there have been over 50 women who have come forward accusing him of these acts.

Over the past several years, Cosby’s team did little-to-nothing to prepare for the disaster to come in 2015. Bill Cosby, his manager, and PR team have been well aware that people have been coming forward accusing Cosby of these disgusting act. A real PR professional would’ve prepared for a crisis such as this. Clearly they have had zero crisis communication experience.

Bill Cosby’s crisis is an extreme example of a PR crisis gone wrong. It is important to learn from situations such as these when handling future disasters.


A few things to take away from Cosby’s PR team disaster:

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare.
    1. Never think situations like these don’t happen.
  2. Over-prepare, over-prepare, OVER-PREPARE.
    1. Seriously, they happen.
  3. There is no such thing as over preparation.
    1. Must I go on?
  4. Always keep your story straight.
    1. This may be the most important mistake made on Cosby’s behalf. He originally had no comment, but later in the trial Cosby’s team came out with a statement saying, “these accusations are coming as a racist attack and are completely fabricated”….. total BS.
  5. If you choose to have ‘no comment’, on a situation like this… stick to that plan. But just know, the whole “no comment” remark is equivalent to writing “GUILTY” across your face.

In my opinion, Cosby and his team should have either denied the claim or admitted to it and sent out a formal apology. Sadly, the situation was managed damaged his reputation beyond repair.

PR Lessons From 4 Inspiring Media Movies and Shows

Written by: Jasmine Randhawa, SAS for CWU Collegiate Sport Clubs

1. Thank You For Smoking

Nick Naylor, a charismatic and charming spokesman for the Academy of Tabaco Studies job was to prove you’re wrong. Being a lobbyist for smoking, his job was to convince the public that cigarettes aren’t any more harmful for you than any other consumer product that results in thousands of deaths per year (cars, nicotine patches, and even cheese).

Thank You For Smoking focuses on the label of PR and Lobbyist professionals being “spin doctors”. However, there are several PR takeaways this movie offers.

  • How you word things makes a huge impact on the feelings you reflect
  • on your consumers. Language is key.
  • Ethical business maneuvers should always be a top priority
  • Statistics are an important part of how your company is viewed



2. Syrup

Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations are rarely represented accurately by Hollywood. It’s always represented as glamorous world of women wearing 6-inch heels, meeting for mimosas, and living in million-dollar penthouse apartments. Syrup however focuses on the self image and self branding, and the competitive race to be the best in the field of Marketing and Public Relations.

Key Takeaways:

  • The world runs on Images and attraction
  • But be true to yourself, not the people you are trying to emulate
  • Your PR is the most important PR




3. The Social Network

The interesting part of The Social Network is that is a PR strategy movie that was used as a PR strategy move for Mark Zuckerberg. The movie focuses on the startup of Facebook and Zuckerbergs claiming rights. Public Relations professionals can take away several points from the movie such as:

  • Be careful on what you say online-it’s for the world to see
  • It’s not all about who has an idea, but who can execute it
  • Content and community first, revenue second



4. Limitless

The myth that humans use only 10 or 20 percent of their brainpower is the foundation of the movie Limitless. The movie is about “the clear pill” a struggling unmotivated writer takes that changes the course of his life to be a successful human in all aspects of life. The takeaway here isn’t to take drugs but to utilize the knowledge the world provides.

  • If you’re smart enough, no situation is to hopeless
  • Being smart, means paying attention



If you haven’t already, watch these movies for inspiration to exceed and to reach your goals. They provide not only everyday PR recommendations but also inspire you to be the best you can be.

Sprint Has Some Explaining To Do

Written by Andrea Berendsen, AAE of Thorp School District

On April 12th 2016 Sprint unveiled a new campaign titled, “the Listening Tour.” They set out to meet with hundreds of people in focus group-like settings in order to ask them real questions and receive real answers. Unfortunately, some of these answers were a little “too real,” and Sprint did not get the memo.

According to PR Week, Sprint released one of their new video Ads on their twitter which in turn, had a very large backlash from the consumers and the media after one woman stated that she thought T-Mobile was “ghetto.” This prompted them to remove it less than 24 hours after posting it and lead to many angry consumers.

The Listening Tour was set up by Marcelo Clure, the carrier’s CEO, who tweeted at T-Mobile, stating, “Honest answers from real people on my #ListeningTour across the country. Sometimes the truth hurts.” This quickly turned into a PR nightmare as many people angrily took to social media to express their opinions.

twitter sprint

The idea of a listening tour seems innocent enough, of course we all know phone carriers are always sending somewhat negative or demeaning messages about their competitors through their ads, but this time was different. It was different not only because bashing businesses can sometimes make people feel uncomfortable, but because he allowed the word “ghetto” to be said in a professional setting.  Regardless of the fact that the woman said it herself in the focus group, he allowed it to be aired and by doing so, offended many people.twitter sprint 2.png




He attempted to apologize with a tweet, stating that he was taking the video down but one twitter sprint 3man, Luis Medina, was still not satisfied. He tweeted, “you are just another suit. That video was disrespectful to all of us low-middle class Latinos.” Clure then responded by saying, because he was Latino as well, that Medina couldn’t “pull that card.” This made the situation worse because he essentially took back his apology and escalated the problem.

Later it was expressed that he should have known better than to post the ad because of his background, not in spite of it. Clure eventually said “you are right,” in an effort to deflate the situation that he had initiated.

David Tovar, VP of corporate communications, also came in giving an apology. Tovar addressed the situation by confirming, “We reacted quickly, we took the post down, we apologized for it, and we learned from it, In hindsight, we wouldn’t post that today because of the reaction we got for sure.” This apology seemed to calm the situation, but in my opinion, it seems as if he is apologizing for the media and customers being upset, not for what was said to offend people.


This all goes to show that as a large company like Sprint, you must be careful what you post because it can have serious consequences on your future sales and customer base. Simply because you think something is comical does not necessarily mean everyone else will. Sticking with the simple ads that everyone can enjoy (like their screaming goat ad) is most likely going to be their best bet for the future.


O Bag USA Digital Audit

Written by: Lexi Popich, SAS for Thorp School District 

Company Overview


O Bag online USA is an official O bag brand online store that sells trendy bags, watches, bracelets and accessories. According to their website, “The O bag brand was established in Italy in 2009 (as Full Spot) by a vibrant and experienced group of extraordinarily innovative individuals who sought to create colorful and quirky fashion accessories that would be highly personalizable and unique. Our Italian designed fashion accessories are customizable, all of our bags and watches can be mixed and matched to suit an outfit, preference, or mood on the day and so each component is available separately. The brand aim is to give our customers greater freedom to express themselves through what they wear and to accessorise in a distinctive and ever changing way. The perfect marriage of form and function explains our cult following. There are O bag brand stores in over 55 countries and 140 in Italy alone.” (obagonline.us).


It is apparent through this description that as a company, O Bag values the individuality of each of their customers and they strive to create a freedom for their customers to express themselves through their products. It also apparent that the online US store is just a fraction of the whole company because the European marketplace has an increased awareness of the brand since it originated in Italy. According to their website, there are only five physical O Bag stores in the United States and they are located in Washington DC, Miami, Baton Rouge, Natick, and Burlington (obagonline.us).

Review of Digital Tools


At first glance, the website is visually appealing and has a rotating slide show with photos of the O Bags and other accessories, but when the home page is scrolled down there is an influx of information that creates an overwhelming and busy feel. Despite the somewhat scattered and overwhelming home page, the website provides a pertinent amount of information and is easy to navigate. The website provides a sufficient amount of tabs that offer all of the information a customer would need when wanting to either learn more about O Bags or purchase a product. The initial load time of the website is fast and the load time when navigating from page to page is fast as well. In order to attract customers and communicate with them, the website has an email list to subscribe to so customers can learn about upcoming events and product sales.

The official website itself though is hard to find because it does not show up in a Google search, rather a less developed website entitled O Bag Design USA shows up and it looks as though it is the official US O Bag website. This is very confusing to customers, especially because the O Bag Design website is not easy to navigate and it lacks in crucial information about the company and their products. The only way to find the official O Bag US website is through a link on their Facebook page and Instagram page.

Social Media Tools



On the home page of the website there is an icon for their Facebook Page and an icon for their Instagram account, and there is also a link to their Instagram account under the “Info” tab on the website. The pictures they use to promote the O Bags on Instagram are of high quality and are very appealing, but the load time for the page is extremely slow. The pictures they post on their Instagram page get a small amount of likes and they only have 237 followers and they are only following 202 people, and they have only posted 101 times. The first post on their Instagram page is from February 13, 2016, so it seems that their page is relatively new. On average they post about every three to four days and they post on holidays such as Mothers Day and Valentines Day. The tools for Facebook available on their website is a Facebook icon on their home page that links directly to their official Facebook page.

The US O Bag Facebook page only has 39 likes. They post relatively regularly on their page, but the posts rarely get any likes. They link their photos from their Instagram to their Facebook page, so the Facebook page does not show much versatility from the Instagram page. There is not much activity on the Facebook page, which is due to a lack of engagement by the page itself. The reason the Facebook page is not very engaging is because it is the same pictures and posts from the Instagram page, which makes it less interesting and versatile. The tools for the Instagram page include an icon on the home page and another link to their Instagram page under the “Info” tab on the website.




The O Bag US website aligns with their goal to give their customers freedom to match their accessories with their mood or personality because it provides the option for customers to purchase any of their products online.

Their social media tactics need to be more refined for the US O Bag pages because they do not have a lot of followers and they do not post different and innovating posts on either platform. Their social media presence does not align with their brand aim of being an innovating and versatile company.

A recent article describes the necessity for online stores to have an established social media presence because in society today, people want to know about a product or brand before they purchase it, and the way that most people do that is through social media. The article states, “Over the past years, due to the global economic crisis and the access to information, people became more aware of what they want and actually need. They became more social, and we can see that they are far more likely to purchase something nowadays if they have some pre-awareness. And the pre-awareness often comes from the experience they have with a brand on social networks or from the friends they have on social networks. For example, a simple share of a product on my Facebook page may influence a friend from my list to try that product because he or she values my opinions and trusts me” (Zorzini).

Another website describes their opinion of O Bag’s market positioning and strategies overall. The website fashionbi.com, which is a data and insights provider in the Fashion and Luxury Industry, defines O Bag’s market positioning as Bridge, which they define as, “The Bridge brands are quite young and characterized by a lack of strength in their image. They still have a long way to go to establish themselves as trendsetters or luxury strongholds. They provide mid-high and high quality products, whose price changes accordingly. The distribution strategy is very different brand by brand, too. The communication strategy is very well established in the national area and they still focus mainly on traditional channels. Nevertheless, they are starting to use the digital ones” (fashionbi).  This shows how O Bag strives to use traditional channels of communication, such as print media, to market their brand. This also describes how O Bag is not a well-established brand in the United States because their marketing focus is primarily in Europe and they take a more traditional marketing approach.

Another article explains the importance of social media for new and upcoming online brand retailers, “Whether you have a presence on one of the well-known platforms and/or another niche social network, craft catered messages for each. But, don’t just post to any of these social networks and walk away. There are many tools available to help you manage multiple social network profiles, keep the information up-to-date and continue to communicate with your connections, while providing the social proof needed for people to buy” (Cornell). This shows that O Bag needs to instill a more refined social media strategy in order to create unique posts for each of their social media platforms.

It seems that O Bag’s goal through their social media strategy in the US is to simply share photos of their products with their followers. It does not seem like a main objective for them to use their social media platforms to increase brand awareness or to gain new followers. This may be the case because they are a well-established company in Europe and their main marketing focus is not in the US.

PR Recommendations


Moving forward, I would recommend that O Bag US increase their social media presence in order to increase brand awareness in the United States. To do this, I would recommend that they post different photos and blurbs on their Facebook page instead of simply using the same photos and captions from their Instagram page. I would also recommend that they use their social media platforms to promote sale items and special promotions that they have for their online products.

They also should create a hash tag specifically for their US social media platforms in order to create a trend. They could also do a promotional event through their Instagram page by encouraging customers to post pictures with their O Bag products and use a specific hash tag, and then the customer with the most likes would win an O Bag item. I would also recommend that they create a position in their US company for a social media account manager and have specific positions for public relations professionals to manage and run their social media pages. Overall, an increase and diversification in their social media use would lead to increased brand awareness and acceptance in the United States.


About O bag. Retrieved from https://fashionbi.com/brands/o-bag/info

Cornell, B. (2011, January 26). 10 Online Strategies for Your Next Product Launch.Mashable. Retrieved from http://mashable.com/2011/01/26/product-launch-web-strategies/#HkNcRBM0.kqb

O bag Online USA. Retrieved from https://www.obagonline.us.com/default.asp

Zorzini, C. (2015, June 2). Top Tips on How to Benefit From Social Media.Ecommerce Platforms. Retrieved from http://ecommerce-platforms.com/ecommerce-selling-advice/social-media-ecommerce-power-social

Making Money Blogging

Written by: Gloria Rivera, AAE of Winegars

“Social media is now a business. If you don’t think it’s a business, you’re deluding yourself.” – Essena O’Neill’s who is an Australian model and teenage blogger who  has more than a million followers across Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Tumblr.

Here an example of how companies will email you with dot points of what you should say, with the times of day to post, with what you should do in the photo, how you should hold the product or where you should have it in the background.

Companies know the power of social media and they are exploiting it.


With 33,000-plus followers on Instagram, the UK blogger can charge about $2000 for a single post to Instagram and up to $10,700 for bigger projects with brands such as H&M and Armani Exchange.

This era of social media is all about business. using people that have an influence on the public, such as people with millions of followers have an influence. Celebrities both local and global have an influence on all their followers and companies notice that. Companies are noticing the influence these people have. The celebrities such as the Kardashians (pictured above) are who is shaping this generation. Companies such as fit tea are seeing the power they have and are using them to advertise their product so their followers will think that they really use it and hope that the followers of these celebrities will buy and use the product.