Introducing Spring 2017 Agency President, Derek Forsell


Jared Snell






Central Communication Agency Announces New President for Spring 2017


Ellensburg, WA, April 26, 2017., Central Communication Agency (CCA) has appointed Derek Forsell as President for the Spring 2017 quarter. Winter 2017 President of CCA, Luke Swartout has led the agency, but is graduated winter quarter. Forsell has been a part of CCA for the past 3 quarters and will use his experience to lead the agency this Spring.

CCA has already reached the class maximum of 25 and students are still enrolling. Since there is a high level of anticipation for the class, Interim Communication Department Chair, Marji Morgan, increased the class capacity an extra 5 students.

CCA plans to take advantage of high spring enrollment by continuing to create strategic communication campaigns and has added new clients to the agency. With the heightened responsibility, CCA looked for a potential president to take the new position.

“The agency will be in great hands with Derek in charge. His experience and drive will take the agency far this upcoming quarter. I have no doubt about it.,” said Luke Swartout.

Since CCA is a class, the agency has faced president changes frequently and will continue the same protocol for president preparation as it has done in the past.

“I am enthused and honored to be able to represent not only the agency, but the community and clients as a whole,” said Derek Forsell. “Spring quarter is always an exciting time to be a part of CCA. I am looking forward to turning that energy into results for our clients.”





Central Communication Agency (CCA) is student managed, strategic communication agency through Central Washington University. CCA offers communication services to clients throughout the campus and community. CCA allows you the opportunity to work with pre-professionals, manage your communication needs, and bring a fresh perspective to your existing communication efforts.






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