2017 Clients

2017 Clients!

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Highlighting our clients and describing work we are producing for them!


We are super excited for Winegars in the next few weeks. Garrett Smith (SAS) and his team are working hard promoting for the ice cream “Flavor of The Week”. Flavors with be changed every week, which will allow for continual advertising and brand awareness for Winegars.

They also have been working hard by raising awareness of their loyalty program, targeting younger demographics via social media platforms.

Ellensburg School District-

We are very enthusiastic about this client because it really is endless! With a multitude of  schools making up the school district,  we can gather material from many different schools.

The main goal for this client is to raise awareness about the Chromebook 1-to-1 student ratio. Which is giving each student in the ESD a Chromebook Laptop to own personally. Brian Cook (SAS) and his team are gathering photos, content, and information for parents.

Their team is also planning on coordinating focus groups with students to find out their impressions of the Chromebook. The qualitative information obtained will help better understand how the Chromebook 1-to-1 campaign is progressing.

Ellensburg Downtown Association-

We are so fortunate to work with this client because they are connected to over 240 different local Businesses in the Ellensburg community.

This quarter Jonnie Crossland (SAS) has her team working on small business research in order to see which Ellensburg downtown business needs the most social media revamping.

After they narrow down their perspective business, account executives will focus their efforts into creating and perfecting a professional website for the business.

Ellensburg Community Radio-

This client is new to our agency and we are thrilled to work with them. The group of women we get to work with are upbeat and ready to give us work. They are always searching for something new to do, we respect it tremendously.

Currently, Luke Kreiger (SAS) and his team are focusing on analytics and researching when viewers listen the most and what they listen to. This will help Ellensburg Community Radio understand what their viewers enjoy and when the optimal time for advertisements are.

Analytics is an essential component in any public relations campaign, it is good seeing the team make the most of this skill set!

Fish Community Food Bank-

This client is a non-profit foundation that is well known in the Kittitas County. They are in charge of food drives and multiple community events. We are very excited to work with them moving forward.

Right now, Brian Boyse (SAS) is working with his team to promote “Heart for Hunger”, which is an event targeted for the month of February. They have been promoting this food drive via social media platforms, flyers, website content and a newsletter sent via Email.

Brian’s team is also working on connecting FISH community food bank with the Spanish demographic and enhancing communication.

Check out our team photo!

(Includes Executive Leadership & Senior Account Supervisors)


From Back Left to Right

Luke Kreiger- Senior Account Executive

Derek Forsell -Vice President

Brian Cook- Senior Account Executive

Brian Boyse- Senior Account Executive

Garrett Smith- Senior Account Executive

Luke Swartout- President

Jonnie Crossland – Senior Account Executive

Jared Snell- Operations Manager


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