What is PR, anyway?

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Public relations is a vital part to a company running smoothly but it is often times overlooked. It can be the backbone to keeping a company’s name from getting drug through the mud in crisis situations as well as the reason that positive aspects of the company gets publicized.

Inside Public Relations

Public relations teams aim to enhance their company’s tactics, objectives, and reputation. They help get the company media coverage and build a positive public image which all boils down to having effective communication skills. Public relations professionals are the voice of the company that is going out to the public. They understand how to make messages clear, concise, and honest to better connect with their audience and make sure that their messages are received the way they were intended to be.

Why I enjoy PR

I have always loved meeting new people and striking up conversations with strangers. I began working at coffee shops when I was in high school and loved the face-to-face interaction and conversations that I got to have with people on a daily basis. And when I wasn’t talking, I was writing. English was always my favorite subject in school and I loved to let my thoughts, ideas, and research pour onto a piece of paper. I have been practicing my communication skills for as long as I can remember which is why when I found out this was a path I could take my professional life, I jumped all over it. I began taking communications classes at Central Washington University and immediately loved everything that I was learning. Learning how to write press releases, manage convergent media, interview and write features, and many other things were drawing me towards public relations rather than only communications.

After being the PR intern for Central’s University Advancement and Alumni Association communications team I realized that I am definitely chasing after the right career in my life. I cannot see myself working in a different field because I love all that being a PR specialist entails and am constantly eager to see what my future holds.

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