PR Lessons From 4 Inspiring Media Movies and Shows

Written by: Jasmine Randhawa, SAS for CWU Collegiate Sport Clubs

1. Thank You For Smoking

Nick Naylor, a charismatic and charming spokesman for the Academy of Tabaco Studies job was to prove you’re wrong. Being a lobbyist for smoking, his job was to convince the public that cigarettes aren’t any more harmful for you than any other consumer product that results in thousands of deaths per year (cars, nicotine patches, and even cheese).

Thank You For Smoking focuses on the label of PR and Lobbyist professionals being “spin doctors”. However, there are several PR takeaways this movie offers.

  • How you word things makes a huge impact on the feelings you reflect
  • on your consumers. Language is key.
  • Ethical business maneuvers should always be a top priority
  • Statistics are an important part of how your company is viewed



2. Syrup

Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations are rarely represented accurately by Hollywood. It’s always represented as glamorous world of women wearing 6-inch heels, meeting for mimosas, and living in million-dollar penthouse apartments. Syrup however focuses on the self image and self branding, and the competitive race to be the best in the field of Marketing and Public Relations.

Key Takeaways:

  • The world runs on Images and attraction
  • But be true to yourself, not the people you are trying to emulate
  • Your PR is the most important PR




3. The Social Network

The interesting part of The Social Network is that is a PR strategy movie that was used as a PR strategy move for Mark Zuckerberg. The movie focuses on the startup of Facebook and Zuckerbergs claiming rights. Public Relations professionals can take away several points from the movie such as:

  • Be careful on what you say online-it’s for the world to see
  • It’s not all about who has an idea, but who can execute it
  • Content and community first, revenue second



4. Limitless

The myth that humans use only 10 or 20 percent of their brainpower is the foundation of the movie Limitless. The movie is about “the clear pill” a struggling unmotivated writer takes that changes the course of his life to be a successful human in all aspects of life. The takeaway here isn’t to take drugs but to utilize the knowledge the world provides.

  • If you’re smart enough, no situation is to hopeless
  • Being smart, means paying attention



If you haven’t already, watch these movies for inspiration to exceed and to reach your goals. They provide not only everyday PR recommendations but also inspire you to be the best you can be.


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