“Never say, ‘I can’t.’ Instead, say, “I’ll find a way.’”

Written by: Joey Castonguay, AAE for

In Erik Hanson’s 12 pieces of advice for your PR team, he gives tips on how to create a more productive dynamic within a group setting.

Knowing how to work within in a team is a skill that is very underappreciated, yet everyone notices if someone isn’t a good team player.

From the dominator to the non-contributor, both are toxic to the sanctity of the team.

PR is still a bit of an unknown entity to me, because I have never been in the PR world outside of school functions. However, working as a team is a concept I am much more familiar with.

Playing youth soccer at a high level taught me how to work toward something greater than myself. Through sacrifice and sheer determination, I was able to be a contributing member of my team without standing out as one of our best players.

Rather than discussing every one of his points, I’ve picked the ones that resonate with me the most.

  1. Listen before you talk.

“The best consultants I know are the ones who are adept listeners. Better yet, they’re fantastic at listening for insights and transforming those insights into actions and ideas,” Hanson writes.

Forget working in a team, this is great life advice. So much can be learned by simply sitting back and listening.

People are too concerned with coming across as intellectual and educated. Smart if you will.

God forbid the person you’re talking to doesn’t know anything about the subject you’re talking about. Or even worse, they ask what it is.

Listening provides context, and context provides ideas that then turn into actions. Be the listener, and then spearhead the ideas.

  1. You are replaceable

The truth hurts, and the reality is there are thousands of hungry professionals wanting to be just as big as you. Just as successful as you. They want their dreams to come true as well.

People who become complacent in life often slip up. Their level of productivity falls and they are, unsurprisingly, replaced. Who wants deadweight? Who needs deadweight?

Jobs are becoming increasingly harder to come by. The market is saturated with recent graduates, as well as laid off workers, looking to find their foothold in the professional sector. And no one has more to prove.

The honest fact is no one in the world owes you anything. Actually, you are the one who owes everything.

You owe it to yourself to work hard. You owe your family the peace of mind that their lifelong investments are going to pay off. And you owe your employer the satisfaction of knowing they hired an outstanding employee by going above and beyond anything they ask of you.

Anything short of your best wont cut it. Plus, why would you want to go through life not giving it your all?


  1. Don’t listen to me

“I do want you to listen to me, but not always. I’m not always right, and both you and I know that. I want you to think for yourself, push me and think creatively,” Hanson writes.

There is something to be said for someone who has the courage to stand up and say what is on his or her mind.

People are too caught up with thinking they have to stroke the ego of their superior that they lose their identity. Essentially they lose what makes them, them.

Think for yourselves, people!

Who knows, you could be the next great something. Whatever it is that you want to be special in.

Ill leave you all with a quote that I see on a lot of peoples’ Instagram bios, but I really like it.

“What ever you are, be a good one.”-Abraham Lincoln


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