PR for Johnny Manziel, Career Suicide?

Written by: Gage McHenry, AAE for CWU Collegiate Sport Clubs

Since being voted the youngest Heisman Trophy winner of all time, Johnny Manziel has went from being one of the hottest athletes in America, to being the butt of everyone’s joke. “Johnny Football,” his alter ego, has consumed everything that was Johnny Manziel.

blog6Manziel was a quarterback at Texas A&M and was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the 2014 NFL Draft. After a disappointing start to his career, and a TON of off the field issues, the Browns released Manziel on March 11.

With his off the field issues consisting of getting too drunk at clubs and being thrown out, getting into fights, and even a domestic violence dispute with his now ex-girlfriend, Manziel’s agent dropped him in January of this year.

As Manziel’s ego continues to grow, the hope that he will comeback from his issues shrinks. This is why I believe that taking Johnny Manziel as a client could be career suicide.

The stories about Johnny Manziel in the media went from being about what team Manziel will land a spot with, to here is what Manziel did while partying this week.

Manziel’s former agent, Erik Burkhardt, is making a smart career choice for himself. As an agent, why would one continue to back a client that has a new negative headline every day?  There is a point where Manziel’s issues became Burkhardt’s issues and that was when he dropped Manziel.

Taking a client that cannot keep their life straight is a liability to any agency or agent. Not to mention, it can become increasingly difficult to improve Manziel’s public image. I could imagine the press conference for altercation after altercation would be exhausting.

At some point, an agency needs to watch out for its own public relations and detach themselves from the poison that is Johnny Manziel.

blog7On the other hand, I believe that if someone does take on Johnny Manziel, and somehow Manziel turns his life around, then that agency will look like a miracle worker. If Manziel can somehow get his act together and have a decent NFL career, that agency will be a legend.

At the end of the day, I believe that Johnny Manziel is to the point where he is the only one that can help himself. His former agency and his family have tried to help him. Manziel has been in and out of rehab. At this point, Manziel is the only one that can fix himself. Hopefully he realizes that before something really bad happens to him.


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