Interview with Elizabeth McCloskey, Group Events Manager of the Mariners

Written by: Kayla Reynolds, AAE for Bluestone Academy

Everyone knows that baseball is America’s favorite pastime. The great thing about Major League Baseball is that they always have events happening to highlight certain groups, cultures or communities.

blog3As college students, we love an excuse to leave all the homework and stress behind so we look forward to the college nights. This year I attended CWU Night hosted by the Seattle Mariners. What made this trip unique was getting the opportunity to sit in on an interview with the Group Events Manager of the Mariners, Elizabeth McCloskey, prior to the game starting.

Through this interview, I learned a few interesting methods her team pursues in order to create and host the fun events that happen at a Mariners game.


McCloskey shared that many of the events they put on are not all original. A method of brainstorming and improving the events here in Seattle involves some networking and travel.

At least twice a week, she sets a goal of contacting and conversing with an event manager from two different teams. Her reasoning behind this is to stay relevant to what events seem to be working along with keeping strong connections that may be helpful in the future.

Another method of improving events for Mariners games involves traveling about once a month to other cities that have a MLB team.

Frequent phone calls can be great but meeting in person always strengthens relationships. McCloskey shared that she travels to meet with the event manager of that city’s MLB team to brainstorm event ideas.

They talk about what events have worked for their team and also share what has not been as successful. Often in that meeting they brainstorm new ideas together and take them back home to try for their own team.


When I heard this I was shocked since I assumed it was always a competition about who had the great idea first.

McCloskey says that these kinds of meetings are encouraged and happen often because every team has a common goal to better and expand the events on game day in the sports industry. These meetings help the industry stay innovative. All the methods that McCloskey uses involves constant and efficient communication in order to be successful at her job. This goes to show that event managing and coordinating involves more than just paying attention to your own area. Taking a look into what other people are doing can bring successful ideas into your events.



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