PR and Women

Written by: Meagan Sullivan, AAE for

blog2Over the years, it has been relevant that women are starting to overrun the work place. This is a big step up from where we were at just a few decades ago. It used to be that women had to stay home. They had to take care of the family and the household in general.

Nowadays, we have women stepping up in the workplace. They’re CEO’s and branch managers. According to, 70 percent of the public relations workforce today is made up of women. While women make up about 70 percent of the PR workforce, they only hold about 30 percent of the top positions in the industry.

Many public relations firms that are run by women are usually privately owned firms. They also happen to be of the top twenty best run firms in the world. Men and women can have the same jobs in the public relations world, so why can’t we all have the same pay?

Why is that?

blog1.pngMaybe it’s because of the level of education one has completed. Maybe it depends on how many years one has worked there. Maybe women are being over-looked. It is believed that women in the public relations workforce are over represented. Another hypothesis that has been put out there is economic reasons.

Opposite Genders, Different Salaries

Many people think that with wages in the same business position, they should be the same for men and women. However, this is not usually the case. A study from shows that in 2014 in the United States women were paid 79 percent of what men were paid. That’s a 20 percent pay gap. That’s crazy! In every state, the pay gap between genders was different.

Some people think this is okay because that’s just the way the world is and it’s never going to change. But the thing is we can change it. We can change the way employers look at us with the notion of simply getting an education. Yes college is very expensive but it will pay off in the end.

Equality among Men and Women

There is a solution to all of this. One way we can make things equal is to have equal opportunities for men and women to advance in the workplace. Having all of one gender in higher up positions sends the wrong message. Another way is to have equal job training. Having only one gender learn how to do a certain task doesn’t make any sense. People of both genders can potentially do the same jobs. Giving them a chance and equal opportunity will only prove this point further.

A lot has changed since the days of women just staying home and taking care of the kids and the house. Why don’t we make the world equal?



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