Women vs Hollywood

Written by: Nikki Christopherson, SAS of Winegars Ice Cream & Coffee

For some time now, women have been known as the house keeper, the baker and essentially given the stay at home mom title. Although many things have changed over the course of a couple centuries some things never do.

Hollywood is known to create amazing pieces of work with male and female dominate roles. But there has always been this unspoken rule that the pay gap between men and women is significantly different.

jen lawer

Jennifer Lawrence was one to always speak out about how she continuously made less than male co-stars, and made it known that it is not okay. Being one of the worlds highest paying actresses making $52 million this past year, Lawrence is not afraid to put her foot down when it comes to any form of discrimination.

So when it comes to communicating PR professionals need to know.

  • Always know what is going on at all times, knowing something before it is published can save the reputation your company.
  • Remember who’s side you’re on. You work for one client/ business only. They are your priority and putting them first will only be beneficial in the long run.

From being ridiculed by her “wheres the pizza” comments, people definitely have it out for her. But, that doesn’t seem to faze her when it comes to the media.

jen law

  • Communicating with your client and knowing their next step before they even do will help any confusion that may come into play

When to call the PR professionals

The media can be crazy, and say what they need to say, when they need to say it, just  to get a rise out of people. PR professionals come in very handy with these situations, they can write up press releases, if say a company is getting blamed for these unruly disadvantages women are being given.

  • So being in the know, communicating and putting your client first will help any form of backlash they might receive.

It is the PR professionals job to go in there and make these companies, actors and actresses look good. This way there can be discussion on what needs to be done to assure that everyone in Hollywood feels as if they are being treated with the same type of respect.

In a quote from Forbs magazine Lawrence states, “I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early, I didn’t want to keep fighting over millions of dollars that, frankly, due to two franchises, I don’t need.”

If more PR professionals were handling this situation, they would be able to ADRESS the problem before hand. Now PR people in Hollywood are constantly remembering female actresses getting their well deserved paycheck will result in good PR.

In not handling the situation correctly…. this will happen…  johnny


Lets make it known that we want to be treated the same, we want to raise that 20% to 50% making everything in Hollywood equal for each individual who is lucky enough to make it.

And keep it real PR pros. You know what you’re doing, so having the right mind set and communicating with your client / knowing their every move will result in this….



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