CCA to Weber Shandwick SAE: Charlsey Kaufman


 In 2012 Charlsey Kaufman graduated from College of Charleston with a B.A. in Communication. Charlsey graduated Magna Cum Laude as well as was a member of multiple honor societies on her campus. She began her professional Public Relations career as an intern at Weber Shandwick, one of the worlds leading global public relations firms.

 Over three years later, Charlsey remains at Weber Shandwick, no longer as an intern but as a Senior Account Executive. She has managed in three years to move from an intern to Assistant Account Executive to Account Executive to her current position of Senior Account Executive. I see myself one day following in Charlseys footsteps so I wanted to find out exactly from her how to get there:

 Q: Is this where you thought you would be when you were a senior in College?

 A: Yes, I was a communications major and always knew I wanted to work at a big agency.

 Q:What does a day in the life of Charlsey look like?

 A: No day is ever the same, but it’s always crazy! But when I get in, I always read the news (love the Skimm!), then depending on the day, I usually am pitching media in the morning.  I also manage multiple influencer programs which is extremely time consuming, so depending on the client, I am researching new influencers, coordinating their experiences, helping develop their content and measuring their posts. I also develop social media posts for a couple of clients. Always a ton going on!

 Q: What is your favorite aspect of work life?

 A: What I love most about my work life is the fast-paced nature of agency work – you never get bored! I enjoy working on a variety of clients in different industries so I am always learning something new.

 Q: What are some things you believe colleges or PR degrees should focus on more?

 A: Writing, writing, writing! It’s so important to be a great writer in the industry, so you should take any opportunity you have to develop those skills.

Q: What is your advice for a college senior who wants to be where you are now?

 A: Devour the news – become a news junkie if you aren’t already. Take a variety of classes that can help develop your digital skills. And read this book cover to cover – Getting From College to Career by Lindsey Pollack of LinkedIn! It’s not specific to PR but great advice to enter the workforce.


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