A Business Prospective: Feminism

Written by: Aubrey Rodgers, AAE of CWU Collegiate Sport Clubs


(Fem-i-nism – the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.)

Feminism movements have continued to campaign for women rights, amongst other things such as the write to vote, equal pay, maternity leave, and much more.

blog1.pngAs a women who will be entering the business world in the near future I have begun to realize the harsh reality of inequality in the corporate workplace. While frustrated, I find myself feeling more upset than anything. THIS SHOULDN’T STILL BE AN ISSUE.

College has taught me many things, but my biggest take away is the empowerment it has brought me. The education system is set up for women to succeed, and we are earning more college degrees than men, but men still run the world.

Embracing all the liberation from college is short lived when the severe disadvantages of being a professional women has become my new actuality.

blog4In the early 1900’s women assisted with the newly developing field of business management science. …BUT….The Equal Pay Act wasn’t passed until 1963, which requires employers to pay men and women in the same establishment equally for work of equivalent effort performed under similar working conditions.
This was the foundation of eliminating sex discrimination in the  work place, but will the frame ever even receive a blue print?

Even though women have been involved in the U.S business world for years, their roles have been diminished and constantly overlooked. So what can we do from here, if anything?

Continuing progression will root from more feminists gaining power positions, and kick starting the stalled gender revolution. Those in power are the ones who shape policies and norms and they will establish the change we wish to see. But just as anything else in life this isn’t as easy as it sounds. One day I would love to be in the position to advocate for this, and be the change I wish to see in the world.



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