Enterprise PR Catastrophe

Written by: Kayla McLaughlin, AAE of the Ellensburg Downtown Association


Most everyone knows what Enterprise Rent-A-Car is. They are one of the top car rental companies in America, with one of the top internships. Most well known for their phenomenal customer service and cleanliness, Enterprise is an outstanding company to start out working for.

This company is widely recognized across America, when disaster strikes, their PR team must strike quickly.

One instance where catastrophe struck was when a gun was found stashed under the seat of a rental car. The PR team for Enterprise handled this very well. They immediately dealt with the family that had found the gun and did everything possible to make sure that they did everything they could for the family when it came to the rental process.

This must have been a scary situation for the family that found the gun, especially since it was the family’s young daughter.

Press caught hold of the situation that was going on and immediately wanted to know everything, of course.

So what did Enterprise’s PR team do?

They responded with reassuring the public that their process that happens when a car comes in to when a car goes out to a new customer, is all for the safety of their customers.

ls.jpgEnterprise’s PR team also wanted to reassure the public that they would be fully investigating why something this huge was missed in the process that goes on. This was such a huge problem, not only because a gun was found, but also because the gun had been in the car for at least two rentals previous to this one. If the car was thoroughly cleaned between each rental then how was this missed for multiple rentals?

The team that was on this case of controlling what went out to the media handled this situation very professionally.

Enterprise’s PR team is one that is knowledgeable about their company and the processes that the daily rental life entails. Each employee, except in Fleet Management, must go through the Management Trainee Program that they offer. This means that they have all experienced the day-to-day life that helps to make this company run. Enterprise’s PR team was fully prepped for an incident like this one and knew exactly how to respond.


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