The Brilliance of the Seahawks 12’s Campaign

Written by: Brittany King, AAE of Thorp School District



Everyone has heard of the Seattle Seahawks National Football League (NFL) team. They are a widely loved and also widely criticized NFL team. Their publicity has increased rapidly over the last couple years, since they won the Super Bowl in 2014 they have had a lot of media coverage.


Not only are they a great football team, having won the 2014 Super Bowl, the NFC championship in 2015 and they had a great comeback season in 2016, they also have an amazing defensive line.

But the behind the scenes hero of the team, their Public Relations team.

The Seattle Seahawks went from a relatively unimportant team, to one of the most talked about teams today. With slogans like “12’s”, “Beast Mode”, “Legion of Boom” and “I’m in”, whoever their PR team is. . . keep them around!!


It’s not just the magic that the PR team worked on the slogans, but the crisis that they averted when Texas A&M filed a lawsuit against the Seahawks over the “12th Man” slogan in.

The term the ‘12th Man’ originated from Texas A & M, they coined the term in 1922. They hold a trademark on the term, but many NFL teams used the term when referring to their fans. Texas A & M requested NFL teams stop the use of the 12th Man label. All the NFL teams that used the label did, except the Seahawks.

blog5After the Seahawks denied the request from Texas A & M, the university filed a lawsuit against the Seahawks. The lawsuit was quickly settled out of court and the terms of the agreement allowed the Seahawks to continue using the term “12th Man” until January 1st of 2016.

The Seahawks transformed the 12th man into something amazing, in 2013 their fans broke the Guinness World Record for being the loudest crowd in NFL history. But all good things must come to an end to make way for something better. Over the last couple years, the Seahawks have changed the slogan from “12th Man” to simply the “12’s” in preparation for the end of their contract with Texas A&M.

Their Public Relations team turned what could have been a PR DISASTER into a PR success. The 12’s caught on without a hitch and the Seahawks are moving on to a brighter future as the home of the12’s

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