What Even is PR?

Written by: Brienna Peterson, AAE of Thorp School District

PR, Public Relations, Marketing, communications, what and where does it all fit in? Well it’s EVERYWHERE, PR is everything today. Tom Brady wearing Under Armor? PR. Donald Trump making an apology speech? PR. When celebrities have a scandal who fixes it? Their PR team.

PR is everywhere we look today, it’s social media, TV commercials, radio ads, newspaper and magazine ads. Without PR in our world today, businesses would not be flourishing as they do. PR practitioners run the world, literally. They are the eyes and ears for a company as well as the face of it 24/7, 365 days a year.



Without PR professionals, most advertising from businesses would not function correctly because they do not have the training and the knowledge of what exactly it takes to grab the consumers!

When I tell people that I am in PR, they go….”Well, what is that like, social media or whatever?” It’s not whatever, and that is not just what we do.

Did you buy that special razor because it has an “extra” blade and there was a nice face in the ad and they used really big words that drew you in? That was thanks to PR & marketing knowing just how to attract you.

A celebrity is having a really bad day, makes a BIG mistake, and doesn’t know how to go about fixing their reputation because they have the eyes of the world on them? PR is there for them to make their lives better and fix the problem.

Our world today is technology and social media based. When you want to go eat somewhere in a new area, you google “where is the best Mexican restaurant?”. up pops a million websites or Instagram links, you go to one and you base your decision on the appearance. That is another form of PR.

We rely so much on what’s the best thing, who’s hot on social media, what’s going on on Twitter today, what celebrity messed up or did well today. PR professionals are there, 24/7, representing YOUR favorite companies, people, goods, etc. to ensure that YOU are satisfied, that YOU are up to date on anything you need, that YOU have all the resources you need/want from a business/service/good, and that WE do our best to always represent our companies with a smile on our face, but a get-down-to-business attitude.

So next time you just picture a “PR” professional as Samantha from Sex & The City, or the main guy from “Thank You For Smoking”, it’s not just all fun and games, it’s a lot of hard work, a lot of hours away from home and loved ones, and a lot of dedication and determination to deliver the best.


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