PR in relationships?

Written by: Brianna Lidke, AAE of Bruce’s Place

Relationships are a big part of everyone’s life, whether you’re in one or you’re not. You know while you’re scrolling down Facebook and see cute pictures of couples and new relationship posts. Well that’s the couple’s own personal PR, they are branding themselves.

We all want to be the quintessential couple, the Jim and Pam or Lily and blog1Marshall, the one everyone talks about. The couple that everyone idolizes to be. But couple’s can’t do that on their own, they need other’s to spread the word. Social media, body language, PDA, and overall “gossip” are a couple’s PR.

But have you actually sat down and thought about the question, “Is there PR in relationships?”

Though the main part of relationships isn’t the whole public thing its about having a person you care about and want to be a part of your life, but you know that everyone cares about what other people think about you.

Why do you think there are couple’s costumes and why people try to match with their significant others, you know they aren’t doing it for their own entertainment.

They want others to comment on it or they want to get a cute picture to post to their Instagram saying “oops we totally didn’t mean to do this,” or “we are (blank) and (blank) for Halloween.”

Couple’s want a reaction.

Well everyone wants a reaction, everyone likes to be appraised. Social media is the way to get a reaction, you see it everyday scrolling through your apps.

There are new relationship posts, couple posts, tagged posts and pictures, and posts that show their “love” for the other person. Why do they need to post on social media? You know that they have each other’s phone numbers, why don’t they just text it?

No they want other people to see it, they in a sense want to brag.

Many people tend to ask me what PR is, but they don’t realize that PR is a part of blog2everyone’s everyday life.

When did we as a society in a sense become more PR orientated and trying to make others perceive us in a certain way? Who’s business is our relationships?

As a culture we are nosey, we want to know the scoop, the 411. So in turn we want to feed the masses, but in our own time.

We never post our problems in a relationship, we only post the good and maybe the bad when we break up to gain a sense of sympathy.

Yes I may seem cynical in a sense, but just think about what I’m saying and think about your own personal life. Think of all the cute couple posts you’ve made and all the cheesy, or I guess you might have seen them as romantic, posts that you have made.

Why did you do it? Did you do it for you or for the sake of others?

I’m not saying that all people are like this and I’m not looking down on them. I’m simply stating my opinion and laying it out there. Hey but now while you’re scrolling through Facebook or Insta and you see a couple of cute people looking happy and love together, you’ll stop and think, “Why?”



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