Superbowl Sunday: Big 50

Written by: Isabella Mulinski, SAS of Bluestone Academy

Football is an american sport watched by fans of different sports every season. The biggest game of the season is Superbowl Sunday. Superbowl – for those who are not familiar- is the championship game of the NFL where the two best teams compete for the Superbowl Champion title.

One of the most popular aspects of the Superbowl event is the ads played during the commercial breaks. For the volume of people who watch the Superbowl, ads this year are going for 5 million dollars an ad for 30 seconds of run time.  The ads are such a big deal during this time of year some companies push them out early through social media.

Until Facebook, YouTube was essentially the only place to post a Superbowl ad before the big game. With Facebook being the number one company in the world, could it surpass YouTube and their history with supporting Superbowl commercials?

“The trend that Super Bowl advertising has become a multi-week campaign instead of a moment in time has really come into its own, and brands are reacting appropriately,” said Tara Walpert Levy, MD of agency sales at YouTube

Apart from which platforms are fighting to host the most Superbowl ads, what about the PR problems associated with this event? No matter which team is playing, as a public relations person you sure want to make sure the ads price is worth it. If the game is a blow out the first half, less people are likely to keep the game on. Which results in those companies spending money on ads for half the views.

Although some ads are played ahead of time, the real views come in during the actual game. Although no one can pick who will play in the Superbowl, the pr department for the NFL sure hopes it will not cause the next game to have less ad space bought.

After the event, each company is rated on who had the best Superbowl commercial. There is a list that comes out and is available to the public. The pr team for each of those companies has to deal with how they are rated and the comments made.

Last year, Budweiser had the best Superbowl commercial.


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