Texting vs Face to Face Communication

Written by: Martha Cardenes, AAE of Bluestone Academy


People today don’t know how to have conversations outside of texting. A lot of people feel like having a direct conversation is hard to do and texting is less pressure. When you’re texting there’s no eye contact, and there’s much less pressure because the other person isn’t right in front of you.

You don’t have to worry about tone of voice or body language or anything. You can also re-read or edit a text before sending. You can’t really do that with verbal communication.

We are in a texting generation and if you ask someone to step into another then its out of their comfort zone. Texting just lets that person say what they want to without actually saying it by mouth.

That’s reality today.

Choosing to text is avoiding face to face communication and you can’t really ever tell someone’s true emotions or detect sarcasm etc in a text, whereas face to face you can. Real communication makes you feel better when you have a problem that you need to talk about, I’ve found that if you talk to someone about a problem through a message it either doesn’t solve the problem or makes it worse.

Face to face can do the same but you can have a more in-depth conversation with an actual person.

When speaking face to face we have a lot more information to go on. That is the way the person stands, the facial expression, the tone of the voice. In a text, the only way you know that I am kidding is if you know me well enough to realize it or I put a “LOL” at the end.

Basic human communication is fluctuations of the tone and pitch of voice to distinguish mood or different meaning of words depending on what language you speak. Non verbal communication (body language) is also not present through texting. This is also another way to express one’s feelings or what one is trying to say.



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