Is All Advertising Good Advertising?

Written by: Jonelle Lauer, AAE of College of Arts and Humanities

Everyone knows that one of the key components to creating a successful business is advertising. If no one knows you exist how can you gain customers? Having good advertising tactics can help get your name out to the public and can help generate business. “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” but is all advertising good advertising? Could an obnoxious sign or overly zealous pamphlets spark a negative connotation with your business?


Yes it is true that the more your name is out there the more people will consider using your business but sometimes that isn’t enough. Take a second to look at this sign for a recreational marijuana store in Ellensburg, WA.

legal weed

The very obnoxious, bright green “Legal Weed” sign sits outside the store on Main Street. It is incredibly eye-catching and will definitely grab your attention. However, “Legal Weed” is not the name of the store. The actual name, “The Green Shelf,” is not on the sign anywhere but is on the window of the store. This window is not very visible from Main Street which is where all the traffic is. The sign has a small paragraph written on the bottom that briefly explains the new recreational use laws, but is impossible to read while driving past the store.

Even though the sign is effective in how it catches peoples’ eyes and leaves no question as to what the sell, it is overly obnoxious and seen as more of an eyesore than an appealing advertisement. The owners of this store may not have the best taste in design for the outside of their store, they do keep a frequently updated Facebook page. They regularly post about new items they are selling and also post disclaimers about using marijuana products. This would be seen as very successful advertising except their Facebook page is difficult to find and has few followers.

Sometimes having bright and obnoxious advertising can get people talking and spread the word about your business. Other times it can be mocked and criticized. Either way, people are still looking.



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