You Can’t Spell Sports Without PR


Written by: Miranda Farlow, AAE of Bluestone Academy 

Public relations is everywhere, even in the sports industry.

In sports, the PR professionals work behind the scenes to keep the media informed on the team and any upcoming events that will be happening. The PR team is the way information gets from the team to the press.

The PR professionals of a sports team play a lot bigger role than you might think. They prep the athletes for interviews and help increase the visibility of the team in the eyes of the media.

b920ed5d-6930-40d4-ac93-1261ba6495e3Just like any other PR client, sports teams hire PR professional to pitch stories to newspapers, update social media and help build relationship with the public, especially the fans. If a media outlet wants any information on the team, the player, the coaches, or to cover a game, they have to go through the PR expert. When in sports, the PR experts try to shed a positive light on even some of the most difficult topics.

PR helps to build a relationship between the fans and the team. Being the PR professional for a sports team may seem more fun than jobs with large corporations, but the job can potentially be more stressful than you might think. It is a 365 days a year kind of job. Usually there is someone on the PR team who runs the social media for the team and tries their best to keep the fans updated with news or replies to their comments. The PR expert for the team is the voice of the team. They feed the hunger of the fans with all the information they may need.

72ddb62d-e691-4ef5-b6d6-49286ce8dbd3Not only are you building the image of the team, but you are making sure that the athletes are appropriately playing into the image of the team as well. The athletes cannot just let loose on Twitter and speak their mind about the other team’s coach or players in the league without there being repercussions. When negative stories or rumors come out about athletes on the team, the PR team must keep the story from becoming more than it needs to be. That incident will end up in the media. Trust me, Richard Sherman knows.  

I would compare PR for a sports team to rounding up a bunch of cats into the same area. You have to make sure everyone is on the same page.  



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