Nonprofit PR Survival Guide

Written by: Kendyl Hardy, SAS of CWU College of Arts and Humanities

1. Get on the Board of Director’s good side

As PR practitioners, half of our job is implementing communications plans and the other half is convincing people to let you run your communications plan. Nonprofit organizations can be hesitant about bringing in new operations or people that will use already limited resources. Organizations without a communications plan or social media presence may not see the use in our services.

Sometimes we have to convince an organization that our skills are worthwhile and show that we are passionate about the organization’s mission. Data and passion could be the difference in getting the job or not.

2. Be a part of the team

Especially in small nonprofit organizations, staff members often have many different tasks throughout their day. Nonprofit organizations generally have a low number of paid staff and have to be flexible when there is work that needs to be done. As a staff member or an intern, we should make a point of learning about the day-to-day processes and operations so that we can step in as needed. This shows are dedication to the organization and is an opportunity to learn new skills.


3. Love your organization

While working, our focus may be on implementing a good communications plan but in order to do that we have to get to know the organizations itself. Be interested in the people working at the organization and show them that you are happy to be there. This will help with determining the personality of the organization as well as show them that they made a good investment. Jobs a nonprofit organizations can often be unstructured and it takes someone who love what they are doing that will go the extra mile to do something great. Passionate people are the ones that make an impression.



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