Why Would You Ever Want To Be Involved In Political PR?

Written by: Brianna Lidke, AAE of CWU’s College of Arts and Humanities


Politics is not generally a word that draws in a crowd. People tend to shy away from discussing politics or even have a general interest in it. So why would I decide to try my hand in political PR? Am I crazy to want to get involved in what most would say is a dull, boring field?

We are supposed to be the creative ones, the ones who gravitate more towards the entertaining and corporate fields where we can express our personalities and creativity. Politics bring to mind old, white men who discuss issues that most people honestly don’t care about. But isn’t that the point, people should care about these issues. Politics is something that isn’t going away so why not create a buzz and bring people into the conversation.

politics1.jpgSo what made me interested in the wonderful world of politics, the boys’ world? Have you ever seen The West Wing or Scandal? I want to be CJ or Olivia Pope, they are who I aspire to be when I grow up. I want to be able to hold my own in a world full of men, to prove that a woman can be in politics and can be the person connecting politics to the people.

When there’s a crisis, I want to be the one that says, “It’s handled,” and people truly know that this is going to happen. Who’s the face or background conductor of the political world. Being engrossed in the ever changing D.C. system is what I strive to eventually be apart of.

Don’t get me wrong, yes I know that some areas of politics can be dull and drab. I’m with you that I don’t particularly care about every fiscal issue and every tax or ordinance that happens. What I want to do with political PR is I want to bridge the gap between the average person and the government. I want to make politics interesting, especially for my generation.

We as a generation are the future of this country, so you know what if you want to complain about how it is now is the time to educate yourself. My job in political PR would be to be the one giving you the information that you need in order to make an informed decision and to be an involved constituent.

Why not be the one to make a perceived boring topic more entertaining. I want to make a splash and a change in the political world.

So what if it’s a challenge? I’ve never been one to back down when someone says I can’t do something, it just makes me try that much harder.


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