Written by: Alexandra Proctor, AAE of CWU College of Arts and Humanities

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Video games are somewhat simple to do public relations for. This industry is a PR practitioners dream with close knit communities, almost guaranteed ways in which people see products, and products that people feel a need to buy. Twitch is the perfect avenue to make your public aware of any type of product; game, gear, or person. is a website that allows people to show themselves playing a video game, creating a game, having a discussion about games, or . Each portion of Twitch has a specific culture and brings in a large amount of viewers at any point of the day. Twitch has more than 100 million viewers per month, with over 1.7 million people broadcasters per month.

The purpose of Twitch is simple. You open up the website, browse for a game that you want to see, and watch a person play said game. The only exception being “Twitch Plays Pokemon”, which was where Twitch viewers could control what the character did via the chat area.
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How is Twitch a public relations dream? The community. If you want to advertise a specific type of headphones, having a popular broadcaster wear the headset and list the type in their bio guarantees a large group to see your headset. If you want your game shown, simply play it. The game will show on the “browse” tab. Those who are curious enough to click will see your game. This can be easily tracked by how many current viewers you have, or your overall viewer count.

If you are representing a person, look around the community. Those who watch Twitch watch it much like TV. You start to recognize who is popular and who you enjoy watching much like any TV show. These streamers are often involved with each other and band together to combine their fan base. This is a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” tactic that can be utilized easily to bring new stars up the ladder.

Displaying 10277491_701025229974169_3084872256867276469_n.pngTwitch is a fabulous new social media outlet that people are finally starting to tap. YouTube just recently joined into live game streaming with their YouTube Gaming section, but Twitch still dominates the market.

If you are thinking about going into video game PR you need to make a Twitch account ASAP!


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