Five Things for Veterinary Facebook Pages

Written by: JoAnn Briscoe, AAE for College of Arts and Humanities 

blog1There are hundreds of social media platforms in the world today. However, out of all the platforms, 95 percent of millennials expect a brand to have a Facebook presence. With more than 80 billion millennials, this is something to consider for any brand. Does that mean you need to just get on there and go at it? No. There is a lot to consider for each brand. Take veterinary clinics for an example, a day practice will have different goals than an emergency pet hospital, and maybe the goal is to educate, the other may have a goal to promote. What ever the case may be you have to go through steps before you get too carried away with content.

blog2Understand your business.Not all businesses are the same. This applies to veterinary clinics as well. Each practice offers something that another does not. One doctor may specialize in orthodontics, while another specializes in Ultrasonography.

One of the most important things to do is to analyze your business, what you offer, what makes you unique, why should people follow you? These are important to finding out how to you need to embrace your Facebook page.

Demographics. Who are your audiences? Who are you trying to impact and reach? You need to find out who you are looking to reach out to. Some thing to consider is what pets do you treat at your clinic: ferrets, rabbits, dogs, and cats. This can be important if you don’t have a doctor who works on avians because than you may not want to reach out to the bird community.

Insights. It is important to pay attention to your analytics, Your Insights tab can be very useful, especially in the start of managing consistent content. Here you will find what type of posts reach the most people, what type encourages the most engagement, and what type of day reaches the most people. These pieces of information can help you gain the most following and loyal, when you listen to what they are seeking.

So here are five things to get your started on managing your content on a veterinary clinic Facebook page.

  1. Number of Posts

The number of posts a day may vary. One thing you want to consider is how often do you want to show up on a followers Facebook page. Too little, you may loose engagement. Too much, you may loose followers and likes. A good rule of thumb is post at least twice a day and no more than three posts a day.


  1. Promotional

There are times when we may want to promote our business like crazy, just get the word out. However, this would be a mistake that goes back to the possibility of loosing likes, followers, and engagement. You don’t want to over promote yourself. The rule of thumb here is to post about a special service you provide, every fifth post.

  1. Behind the Scenes.

Veterinary practices offer different things and some can suffer from not being understood by the community. Maybe you get a lot of complaints about being there for the money and not because of compassion for animals. Maybe you are constantly doubted about how you handle patients, over vaccination, against raw because you want money, the list goes on. A way that you can work on changing those perceptions is to occasionally post about behind the scenes. Such as working with a stray animal, if your clinic uses TLC in their treatment plan maybe you post photos showing this (with client permission). The list goes on, give visuals on your passions in the clinic.

  1. Educational and Funny.

There is a website called, it helps veterinary clinics stay on top of days such as, National Dog Day, National Cat Day, National Black Dog Day, and more. They also provide content ideas, such as Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week, where they provide special articles and studies from reputable sites on the job of a vet tech.

blog4Also, don’t skimp on the funny. With Halloween coming up it is a good example of posting a silly photo of a pet in a costume and asking followers to share photos of their pets in costumes, etc.

Don’t forget how quickly a funny meme can go. There are some characteristics in cats where maybe you post a funny video or photo with a caption that will strike it home with followers and can give them a life. Some times these are the most engaging on a veterinary Facebook page.

5. Bring Them Closer

As a veterinary practice, people are trusting you with a member of their family. They are trusting you did well in school, trusting you continue to educate yourself with new findings, they are trusting you with the life and wellbeing of their pet. Don’t be a stranger. A great way to close a gap is to feature your employees. Let your following see the faces in your clinic and learn more about them. It will provide a sense of connection and when they know the doctor has extensive training in ultrasonography, when she tells them she needs to do one, they will have more confidence in her ability to do so.

These are just five things to consider and work into your social media calendar but it’s a great place to start planning. Social media is growing with every day. It is changing with every day. Businesses are not all the same and have to adapt for what suits them best. Do research and find what works best for yours.


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