Public Relations and Collegiate Sport Clubs

Written by: Dillion Peterson, AAE of CWU Collegiate Sport Clubs


When you think of collegiate sports your mind probably thinks of the ESPN highlights of your favorite football player or whatever sport is going on at the time. Well what about those players who aren’t on the D-1 scholarship or aren’t funded by the school? That’s right I’m talking about those club sport players.

At Central Washington University, one of our biggest sports is soccer, yet it is not even varsity it’s a club sport. So how do these groups of athletes get recognized? You guessed it, Public Relations is what helps to get these groups noticed. Even if you don’t think you are doing PR work, you would be surprised.

Having CWU Collegiate Sport Clubs as a client for Central Communications Agency is a something that can help both me and the client. For this is, is like best of both worlds. Not only do I get to work with a sport client, I get to do so in a PR manner.

To get these athletes and their clubs recognized there is no better way to do than get a student ran agency to get the word out. If you have ever been interested in playing sports when your high school career ended, then CWU Collegiate Sport Clubs will have the club and sport just for you. With everything from soccer, lacrosse, hockey to ultimate frisbee and fencing, there is nothing you can’t find.

The best part about dealing with sports and public relations is you get to be involved and people are truly honest about their sports and you get hard evidence in surveys and tabling.

The Hashtag has become a trending thing over the last five years so why not use it for your sport. The CWU CSC could benefit from this movement because it is a great way to track twitter, instagram, and facebook for status about sports and individual clubs.

Get Up, Get Active, and Get Involved.


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