Beware of Social Media Mistakes

By: Anuhea Freitas, AAE of CWU Collegiate Sports Clubs

It takes nothing more than a click of a button to let the entire world know what you are doing- that was easy, right? Growing up I was always told, “be careful what you post on the internet, because once it’s there, it’s there forever”. Now that I’m entering the real world, I still have this line embedded in my mind but in a little bit of a different way.

When I was first hired for CWU Hype as the Hype Street Team Manager I didn’t realize that I could potentially make a living out of my love for social media, and this was when I made the decision to major in public relations and eventually specialize in digital media marketing. With this being said, once I was hired that saying that I was told so many times by my parents came back to mind, “be careful what you post on the internet…” not only now for my own sake, but for the sake of the company I was working for. I quickly became (one of) the faces of CWU Hype, if I was posting inappropriate pictures on Instagram or tweets on Twitter, how would that not only reflect me as a person, but also me as the face of CWU Hype?

Now that I am months away from graduation and looking for another job as a digital media manager I have these same thoughts, and I feel that if I didn’t I wouldn’t be a very great professional. I often reread posts before posting to my own social media sites, something I would think would be second nature to do before posting-especially on a business’ platform.

A couple of years ago the hashtag #WhyIStayed was trending on Twitter after the NFL player Ray Rice’s (then) fiancè, Janay Palmer Rice decided to stay with Rice after a domestic violence incident. DiGiorno Pizza tried to join in on the trend by tweeting, “#WhyIStayed You had pizza”, after the tweet went viral they received tons of angry replies as they took the tweet as making fun of a very touchy subject. Digiorno Pizza responded with an apology and claimed they did not know about the trending hashtag #WhyIStayed.

After this I’m sure Digiorno Pizza lost some of their customers, as expected. After this incident, it makes you wonder what kind of company could “accidentally” make a joke out of something so serious? Well, it is that easy- as I mentioned before, it takes nothing more than the click of a button to make a serious mistake such as Digiorno Pizza did. With the proper digital media team, these accidents could be avoided and business would not be lost!


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