Six Signs You’re Totally PR

By: Monica Bethune, AAE for Thorp School District

After two years in the public relations department and having a friend group that consists of solely PR students, I have noticed some personality traits that seem to go with the industry.

We are addicted to the News:

We are always up to date our favorite news topics, whether it’s celebrities, sports, or politics, we all have our thing. Personally, I have Google alerts, twitter alerts and E! News updating me on all things Kardashian’s. Embarrassing, I know. I just need to be the first to know.

We are strong writers: 

During the communication orientation class, one of the professors told the class “if you can’t write, we don’t want you.” I thought that was harsh until I realized that the whole point of PR is to be a great writer. This past summer during my internship, my skills were put to the test. I had to do the hardest writing style of them all– Twitter.

Getting all the information out in only 140 characters is harder than it looks. That includes a picture, hashtags, and tags.

Once you are able to figure out how to strategically fit all that information into a beautifully composed 140 character tweet, you know you made it.

We consider coffee a food group:

At this point my body is 90% coffee 10% water. Days start with your first Facebook or twitter notification. You respond to Facebook posts before you even jump in the shower and answer emails on your way to the office. It’s important to be on point at all hours of the day. You never know when a crisis could happen.

Your phone is an extra limb: 

Whether its tweeting or emailing you are on your phone close to you 24/7. There is always someone who needs answers ASAP, or a picture that needs to be shared on social media. It doesn’t matter what time it is, day or night, when that phone buzzes, you’re on it.

Public Speaking is no big thing: 

You got over your glossophobia real quick. When you have at least one presentation a week, there is no time for panic. Our professor and agency faculty adviser Kevin Brett has instilled in us to be prepared, Look good, and know your stuff.

We notice every detail: 

Presentations are practiced over and over, your PowerPoint matches the color scheme of the company, and you even coordinate outfit choices with your group so you look like a team. Hours are spent picking out the perfect wording for every slide. At this point, I can’t watch a commercial without analyzing every little detail. Why did they choose that music? No partner was shown, however the actress was wearing a ring. Why did they do that? What audience are the appealing too? Interesting how it plays on this network. Watching TV has become exhausting! #PRproblems

But we love it! PR is who we are. The joy that comes when you stayed up all night working on perfecting your presentation and it turns out perfect. They are our little corks and they are what make us the perfect people for the industry.


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