The Importance of Social media to the Success of a Business

Written by: Travis Isaman, Account Executive of Valley Cafe

travispic1In our new digital age it is necessary for a business to use social media. Over the years each generation has a new trend or fad,  becoming something that the generation is known for.

As a member of generation “Y” I am constantly on my phone, on the web and building my social media presence. We are a generation know for constantly being on social media and introducing it into the world. This is something that businesses need to take into consideration when contemplating the future of their brand and the future of the world. The obvious answer for a business would be to take their promotions and put them somewhere the future generation will see, i.e. social media

From a recent survey I conducted, I found that the majority of people would prefer to refer to a business’s social media site over their website. Most people felt this way because: 1. Social media is more convenient, 2. Websites can get outdated fast and 3. Consumers can see reviews of the business’ services offered.


According to Facebook Newsroom, there are on average:

  • 44 billion monthly active users on Facebook,
  • 936 million daily active users
  • 798 million daily mobile users
  • 25 billion monthly mobile users

That’s 936 million more people that can be reached daily through Facebook. If a business uses a social media platform, such as Facebook, then they are more likely to reach their target audience.


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