Tips for Designing and Improving Your Company’s Website

Written by: Jessica Fisher, Account Executive for Thorp School District

Sarah Lanse Designs

As potential customers are now turning toward the internet to find information, your website becomes increasingly important. Here are tips on how to design and improve your company’s website.

Color Scheme

When selecting a color scheme for your company’s website, it is best to use three colors or less. The text should be large and a color that stands out and is easy to read with the background. Use color to emphasize headlines or key graphic as this will help guide your visitor to the most important content.


Make your company’s website simple and easy to navigate; this way visitors can find what they are looking for. Most websites display their navigation bar on the left side or at the top, and you should too. Adding a navigation bar at the bottom of each page makes your website even more user friendly.

Mobile Friendly

Keep in mind people are using mobile devices to access websites more and more. It is important to make your website mobile friendly or you will get less traffic.  Always test your site on mobile devices so they look the way you want.

Social Media

Incorporating social media accounts with your website is important. Make it easy for visitors to share your content and that it is accessible on all platforms to attract new customers.

Content, Content, Content

The content your website provides should be your number one priority. Your company’s website should focus on providing useful, unique and sincere content that your customers will enjoy and want to share.

Hosting Platforms

Using a hosting platform is a great alternative from hiring a developer and will also reduce costs. Some helpful platforms include WordPress, Weebly, SiteBuilder and Wix.


  • Flash websites are dead, don’t use them
  • Busy backgrounds
  • Autoplay music 🎶
  • Too many special effects



3 thoughts on “Tips for Designing and Improving Your Company’s Website

  1. John S.

    This informative blog is very timely for those planning to design their web or even improving their own web sites. And using a hosting platform is better, especially if will lessen the cost of the web site improvement.

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