Do You Have a Moment to Take a Survey?

Written by: Sarah Collins, Account Executive for the Ellensburg Public Library

As the Account Executive for the Ellensburg Public Library at Central Communication Agency I took on the task of conducting a community-wide survey this past month. The goal being to reach 250 community members and gauge their opinions of the services offered and current web presence. My team is about half way done with the research and we have already learned so much about what the Ellensburg community’s wants and needs are. We have also learned a great deal about how much people HATE taking the time to take a survey.

I have categorized all potential survey takers into 10 commonalities and hope this helps all those who try to conduct a community survey in the future.

  1. The person who tries to hide from you and your clipboard.


  1. The person who claims, “I already took it.”


  1. The person who is in a rush.


  1. The person who won’t make eye contact.

sarah 4

  1. The person who claims to be from out of town.


  1. The person who puts in their headphones and pretends to not hear you.


  1. The person who asks, “Will you pay me?”


  1. The person who is just plain rude.


  1. The person who says, “I just don’t want to.”


  1. The person who actually takes your survey.


A very special thank you to all those people who take the time to help a struggling PR professional out by taking a community survey. We appreciate you.


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