How Building Community Relationships Benefits Your Business

Written By: Masey Peone, Account Executive for Kelleher Motor Company

Masey blog picKelleher Motor Company, the local Ford dealership in Ellensburg, is getting involved with the community. They teamed up with Central Communication Agency to accomplish this. Through their long time history in the community and connection with the agency, they are able to positively support other events and businesses.

Another client of Central Communication Agency, the Museum of Culture and Environment, hosted their annual Salmon run 5k/10k on April 18, 2015 on the campus of Central Washington University. They offered other businesses in the community to be a sponsor for the run. Kelleher Motor Company took the opportunity to help and network with the community by becoming a sponsor and setting up a booth at the event. Kelleher also sent a participant to do the Salmon run.

After doing some brainstorming, Kelleher chose a kid friendly and fun activity to have at the Salmon run. Kids were able to plant flowers in Kelleher mugs. Members from Kelleher and Central Communication Agency were there to man the booth. The kids got to scoop the soil, plant the seed, then learn how to make it grow. This was a way to bridge Kelleher and the environment for the museum. Children filled every Kelleher mug available at the booth with a flower. This was a great way to support the Museum of Culture and Environment, build relationships with the community, and send some happy children home.

Kelleher is always looking for a way to support the community and stay involved. Building relationships and supporting other businesses in the community can be extremely beneficial, it’s about working together not against each other.  Kelleher Motor Company is hoping to continue making a presence in the community. Teaming up in Ellensburg will help all the businesses involved prosper and grow together.


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