Top 3 Reasons Why Public Relations Students Need a Personal Website

Written by: Madalyn Freeman, Account Executive for Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce Tourism Bureau

Is blog a personal website?  No.  Is it good to have one of those? Yes, but that blog won’t showcase who you are and what you as a brand can bring to a company.  You might also be thinking, Facebook and LinkedIn aren’t good enough?  Of course you should use these social media platforms (for obvious reasons) but again, these platforms don’t showcase who you are, but a personal website can.

WordPress and Wix are the most commonly used website developers.  It depends on how much you want to customize on your website, but I would suggest trying both before you fully decide on which website builder you want to use.  WordPress is a lot more generic, where Wix gives you more autonomy with widgets and design.

  1. It shows that you have gone the extra mile.

Employers are more interested in hiring a college student if they can tell that you have gone beyond normal expectations.  Putting your website URL on your resume and cover letter will be an easy way for them to see that you have taken the time to do some personal branding.

  1. It helps you talk about yourself.

Have you ever been in an interview for one of your jobs, and the interviewer asks “Tell me a little about yourself.”  You sit there freaking out a little, and somehow words finally come out of your mouth and you say “dedicated, a hard-worker, and good team player.”  Sure enough, that’s what all of the other candidates said, and maybe you didn’t land that job.

If you take the time to create a specialized personal website, you are also taking the time to do some personal reflection.  You eventually figure out a way to talk about yourself, and specific qualities and characteristics come to mind that you can apply to your future interviews.

  1. It showcases who you are, personally and professionally.

Facebook is a social media platform to use socially.  You probably have pictures with your friends at events, and you have shared news from other Facebook pages.  LinkedIn is a social media platform to use professionally.  You have all of the content from your resume and probably added any volunteer experience or awards.  Your personal website is to be used personally and professionally.  You can add a summary that describes who you are, and add a link to your blog if you wish to use WordPress and Wix.  Feel free to add any pictures of you doing what you love, or from events that helped you grow professionally.  You can also add your resume, but you might also want to include any top articles, or research papers you have written.

How you choose to organize your personal website is completely up to you.  Make sure you spend the extra time (especially seniors) to find who you are and what makes you a brand.


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