Great acts of kindness from Thorp School District Students

Students from Thorp School District visited Hearthstone Cottage 553ad8172fa41.imageresidents and donated gift baskets they made for the residents on Thursday, April 16. It was an idea brought to Superintendent Linda Martin by her students. Martin was thrilled to have her students  take initiative on such a positive community service project. She asked them to write a paper on their experience, here are some of the examples:

  • Ocean Martin, sixth grade: “Helen had some advice for Kirsten and me. She said that we should always be open to other people’s ideas and to make sure that we are respectful to others, even when their thoughts, ideas, or religions are different than ours and that when we grow old not to stay in a retirement home for too long.”
  • Tory Coates, sixth grade: “The senior I visited today was Lois. She had three brothers and one sister. When she was younger, she had auburn hair that was curly. She is now 94. Her school she said was (not) like modern schools. She had to walk a mile just to get to school. The toilets were outside and so was the water pump. She was married for 40 years and had three girls. Her advice for me was to get an education.”
  • Kirsten Koch, eighth grade: “What I learned from Helen is to have respect and to always stay with your loved ones, even if they don’t remember you. Helen has inspired me to do great things in the future, finding a cure for (Alzheimer’s).”




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