Failure has never felt so good

Written by: Daniel Soltero, Account Executive for Winegar’s Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee

henry-ford-reputationNobody likes to fail at something, whether it’s in a game, a test or a relationship. Usually when it happens the person feels down, like they didn’t do enough to be successful and starts blaming himself or herself. But after reading, “What happens in Vegas, Stays on YouTube” rule no. 28 states that the “fastest way to increase our rate of learning in the digital era is to increase our rate of failure.”

This rule put a grin on my face and should put a grin on yours too; Finally, a reason for people to go out and try something new. How can anybody know what he or she like and don’t like if they don’t try it first? Usually people shy away from doing anything that isn’t in their comfort zone, which results in no progress of being successful.

A survey by American Express shows that the top three characteristics of “influencers” are:
– Confidence
– Education
– Willingness to try new things

So next time somebody asks you to do something new, or if you see something that interests you but to shy to go forward with it, think about failing because you know that with every risk you take comes a learning curve which in the long run makes you that more aware of what has and what hasn’t worked.

Just look at Post-It Notes, they were a result of a bad glue design.

“You can’t build a reputation on what your going to do” – Henry Ford


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