The Men of Public Relations: The Few, The Proud, The Minority?

Written by: Kyle Edwards, Account Executive of Cornerstone Pie

Handsome Businessman Portrait - IsolatedIf you are either a student within a Public Relations program, or within the professional field itself, then you may already know that men within this profession are not of abundance. In a recent study, actually, it shows that nearly 85 percent of the PR industry is women, and 73 percent of all PRSA members are female as well! Don’t fret PR brethren, we may be a smaller percentage within this field, but our role is still just as important then the rest.

So why do you think women dominate the Public Relations field?

Is it because we don’t understand PR? Are we not as creative as women when it comes to marketing in a PR sense? Or maybe it is because men view PR as less of a “mans man” profession compared to other business related majors? None of these statements are meant to be leading or true. In fact I never really gave it much thought until tonight.

Currently I work at Central Communication Agency, which has nine female account executives and just three male AEs. I don’t think the reason is that CCA has this uneven population is because it’s director views male PR professionals any less then female professionals. I believe that these numbers are the way they are because men within this program are considerably less, which creates this skew in diversity within CCA’s leadership.

Is this a bad thing?

Absolutely not, Public Relations creates new opportunities for businesses and helps this businesses grow in a new, forward thinking way. The fact that the majority of professionals within this field are women really doesn’t matter. PR is making a difference in the business world and will continue to even with fewer men within the field.

However, having men within agencies is also important. Men bring different ideas in comparison and these different views are important. This doesn’t mean that the numbers must be equal, but having men in the agency office can be beneficial.

I want to hear what others think in regard to this topic. Why do you think there are so few men within the PR industry?


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