10 common Public Relations experiences #PRproblems

Written by: Masey Peone, Account Executive

Public Relations is unique and there are certain things that are really specific to being in PR. There are things you do because you are in Public Relations. There are things you don’t do because you are in Public Relations. These experiences are more commonly known as “PR problems” and they are in full effect. These are 10 common things most in PR can relate to.

  1. Math? What is math? Do we do math? My total was $5.75 and I want to leave a tip and make it $7, let me use the calculator on my phone to figure out how much the tip should be.
  2. What are midterms, quizzes, and exams? We do projects, write papers, and plan events.
  3. When saying #2 out loud, other majors get really jealous. What they don’t understand is the amount of time I rearranged every paragraph, flopped sentences, focused on one word for far too long and slept with the AP Style book hoping it would just stick in my brain.
  4. Promotional materials are judged daily. Nobody’s brochures, fliers, or business cards are safe. PR loves making things pretty.

  5. See that fifteenth sentence, third word in, it’s spelt wrong. Details are life.
  6. Do you know how hard to transition from “it’s rude to be on your phone while someone is speaking” to a PR conference where “it’s rude if you aren’t live tweeting every word the speaker is saying right then”!?
  7. Why am I crying hysterically? My client LIKED my work and now my heart has all it’s ever desired in life, these are tears of joy my friend!

  8. Logging out of your e-mail, there’s a log out button?

  9. You hate and love people. You find yourself in a crowd, whispering, “I hate people”. People get confused, because in PR aren’t you supposed to like people. You do like people, but YOUR people, PR people.
  10. I’m posting on Facebook to tell you to follow me on Twitter, where I tweeted about following my blog, where I wrote about how to use Instagram professionally.

If you add “PR problems” to the end of each of these, life will make sense.


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