Superfans NOT Superbrands

Jonece Blog Superfan

Written by: Jonece Tallant, Associate Director for HR

What’s Trending? Social media trends, not hashtags. You don’t need Superman to keep your brand afloat, just superfans.

Social media has boomed in the past few years and will continue to grow. There are many ways that social media can help to promote businesses and campaigns. Here are five trends
that are keeping social media the Superman of media platforms.

Let the superfans do the marketing for your business

What does this even mean?

Superfans are the people who are already in love with whatever product that you’re selling. These are also the people who will talk about the product the most on all types of social media platforms. Through all of the postings, it will spread throughout the social media roads and move from fan to fan across the state, country, and world. If you connect with the fans you already have, they’ll convert other people to the fan base.

Give up control

Wait. This is your business, why should you give up control?

There is an idea that your fans own the brand just as much as you do. Fans can create their own posts about the brand. This goes back to working with the superfans. If you give those fans the tools that they need to promote the brand, they’ll do it. They will also make sure that your brand is seen positively with their content. Trust the fans. They like the product and will show it in a good light.

Think strategy and long term

There has to be a plan for long term campaigns and what is being shared by the brand or company. Thinking long term guarantees that a business’ social media activity continues to be relevant for as long as social media continues to grow. There should also be plans in place for if a social media site flops or booms.

Be smart about using data

Wait, numbers? But I’m in PR because numbers and I don’t get along.

As PR people, we have to learn the numbers and figure out how they’re a very useful tool in PR. Numbers can help to justify arguments. For example, if you need a larger budget for a particular campaign, you can use the numbers to back up your arguments and to show how successful the campaign is or will be.

Be useful

Messages from brands and companies are mixed in with the status updates from our friends and family. If you give customers the information they’re looking for, they’ll respect the brand and buy your product.



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