Following the Yellow Brick Road

Central Communication Agency is on its way to “Oz”

Written by: Robyn Stewart, Agency Director

As of last spring, Central Communication Agency (CCA) is one of eleven nationally affiliated, student-run firms. With this status, comes a higher level of responsibility for our team of future public relations professionals. It is our goal to eventually obtain national clients and payment for our services. The CCA’s journey down the yellow brick road has proven to be successful thus far.

Since its foundation in the summer of 2011, the agency has been on its way to compete with top ranked student-run firms; Hubbell Connections, Lindsey + ASP, and Capstone oh my! Thanks to national affiliation status, CCA is making a name for itself alongside these and seven other successful student-run firms from across the nation.

Central Communication Agency could be compared to the character of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The agency started out small with a team of three executives and one client. Much like Dorothy on her journey to Oz, the team started out confused and overwhelmed. However, the CCA followed the yellow brick road in the only direction it goes, closer to Oz.

The agency hasn’t yet successfully navigated the treacherous yellow brick road. However, we’re certainly not in “Kansas” anymore. CCA has grown from three students with one client, to over fifty students with twelve clients. In its four years of operation, the agency has built an impressive portfolio of fifty-one total clients and counting.

Each quarter, the Agency Director publishes a report showcasing the agency’s work. The Quarterly Report is CCA’s way of maintaining transparency for its clients and the public. The report is also a way to summarize the agency’s progress and accomplishments during the previous quarter.

The adventure to Oz will likely be filled with occasional poisoned poppy fields and wicked witches. However, the ambition and dedication of our executives will conquer all obstacles. Because after all, there is no place like home.


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