Super Bowl XLIX: Trends and Tactics

Super Bowl Logo

Written by: Autumn Fox, Account Executive

I’m an advertising nerd and a Seahawks fan, so this Sunday is exciting for two reasons. This Sunday is Super Bowl XLIX, and NBC is confident it will be the greatest of all time in terms of advertising. With 30-second slots selling for $4.5 million, advertisers are using their time wisely and watching their content closely. Let’s take a look at what we should expect during the big game.

Focus on Emotion

With the success of emotional ads last year, it’s no surprise advertisers are aiming for a repeat. Budweiser plans to play the cute card again with a sequel to their 2014 hit, “Puppy Love.” The new ad will continue the shift in tone for the brand and will undoubtedly show up at least 15 times on your Facebook feed.

Budweiser isn’t the only brand with a furry friend this year. GoDaddy’s ad will feature Danica Patrick with a nearly identical dog. The brand usually features Super Bowl ads with women wearing bikinis or less. GoDaddy seems committed to their new image; the dog even has his own Twitter account.

Automotive Makes Way for New Brands

Some of the Super Bowl’s top ad-buyers are automotive brands. However, this year will not feature some fan favorites. Hyundai and Volkswagen, along with seven other car brands are opting out of the Super Bowl due to high costs and money better spent elsewhere.

The lack of automotive means a lot of open ad space. The high cost of advertising hasn’t dissuaded everyone. This year’s Super Bowl will feature 15 newcomers, the largest since 2000. Some of the most notable include Skittles, Wix, and Loctite. Loctite, a glue company, has spent their entire advertising budget on the single spot.

Tactics and Gimmicks

Living in a digital era, it’s no surprise that brands are moving the grit of their campaigns online. This year is no different, and will feature new ideas from old brands. Whether this year’s offerings will stick is another story altogether.

One standout example is Pepsi. Pepsi will promote a reality-style cooking competition featuring Pepsi-centric recipes. The episodes will air the week leading up to the Super Bowl, with the winner announced during the game.


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