​4 Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile


Written by: Kyle Edwards, Account Executive

LinkedIn, created in 2003, has over 225 users in over 200 different countries. A tough question you may ask yourself is, “How can my LinkedIn profile to stand out?” Well here are four ways to help you improve your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Have a good picture and headline.

This may seem obvious, but having a professional and high-resolution photo is important. You also want to make sure your headline is short, yet descriptive. When recruiters are looking over your profile, these are the first things they are going to see. Your goal here is to make them want to view the rest of your profile. For students, instead of simply putting “Student at Selected University” for your headline, give a little more information than that. Instead, you could write what your profession is or what field you intend on pursuing. For example you could write, “Public Relations Pre-Professional at Selected University,” this tells recruiters much more about yourself within the first few seconds of viewing your profile.

  1. Recommendations are a big deal. 

Having recommendations are a big attribute you can easily add to your profile. Many LinkedIn users overlook this section when updating their profiles. Ask a previous colleague, boss, or even a professional if they could add a recommendation to your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you add a personalized message when requesting recommendations. LinkedIn gives a generic message to be sent when requesting for recommendations, simply adding a personalized message could be the difference in your request being ignored or written.

  1. Make sure you use important information. 

Let’s be honest, recruiters could care less about how amazing you were in high school. While adding the high school you went do and maybe your GPA certainly doesn’t do harm to your profile, you want to have information that is current and worth recognition This is where keeping your profile updated regularly becomes key. List current projects and important details explaining select projects. Also, make sure that your content is accurate and up to date. Having a strong profile takes some work, but putting an hour or so into updating your profile every few weeks can be extremely beneficial when the job hunt begins.

  1. Make meaningful connections. 

Connecting with everyone you see within the “People You May Know” tab makes your actual connections less relevant. Make connections within your professional realm. However, you shouldn’t limit your connections to only users you know in your profession. Make connections with people who work at places you would like to work for. Take that one step further and try to connect with your future boss. Having that connection could work to your benefit during an interview.

LinkedIn is the preferred tool used today by recruiters. Why not make your profile a memorable one?


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