Carl’s Jr. of Ellensburg: More Than Just Another Fast Food “Joint”

Written by: Kyle Edwards, Account Executive

Carl’s Jr. Happy Star with three CWU students

Ellensburg is chock full of small local businesses and big franchise companies. What do you do though when your business falls somewhere in the middle? How do you make yourself stand out? It’s a difficult question that is most of the over looked.

Paul Jones owner of Carl’s Jr. of Ellensburg asked himself this question. So utilizing his resources here in Ellensburg, he turns to the PR department here at Central Washington University. Making a local Fast Food Chain Restaurant stand out in the thick cloud of competitors right down the road was an issue he needed help to accomplish.

So now you’re probably are asking, how does a place like Carl’s Jr. in Ellensburg plan to stand out? It has heavy hitters like McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King, and the number one drunk-walk-home-from-the-bars-food-stop Jack in the Box. When looking at the big picture, it is hard to see how Carl’s Jr. can stand out here.

Well with a proper analysis of what your competition is and more importantly, what they are not doing is a good start. Here at Central Communications Agency, my team and I found that there is a lack of social media presence by Carl’s Jr.’s competition. More importantly, there seems to be no connection between the other fast food restaurants and the community of Ellensburg.

When Paul and I had met at the beginning of this quarter, it almost seemed like the goals were just obvious; he needed help on how to accomplish those goals. We decided that filling in the missing connection with the community of Ellensburg was a must. Using multiple communication platforms and tools was the obvious way to accomplish that.

Now I’m not going to give away our events or plans that are in the works as of now, but I can tell you what has been accomplished thus far. We have gained engagement on both Facebook and Twitter by posting multiple posts a week. We have had multiple interactive events on campus with CWU students resulting in an increase of fans on our social media sites. More recently, we have started a partnership with CWU Athletics by initiating a “Star Athlete of the Month” program starting this month.

As for the future, there are many events and promotions starting to be put into motion for future quarters. During winter and spring you can expect to see Carl’s Jr. here in Ellensburg becoming more of a community-centered establishment. With that, we are more than excited for what the future holds for this unique fast food destination.


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